give lietuviškai

give vertimas (gave; given) v 1) duoti, atiduoti; 2) dovanoti; 3) mokėti 4) ruošti (pietus); 5) paskirti (darbus); to give a cry sušukti; to give a look pažvelgti; to give birth gimdyti; to give ear (to smb) išklausyti; to give rise / ground užleisti, atsitraukti; to give way pasiduoti; susvyruoti; to give away a) išduoti; duoti; b) prasitarti; to give smb his/her due teisingaipripažinti; I don't give a damn! man nusispjauti!; to give back a) atiduoti; grąžinti; b) atmokėti (už skriaudą); to give forth a) išleisti; b) paskelbti; to give in a) pasiduoti, nusileisti; b) įteikti (pareiškimą); to give off išleisti (dūmus, kvapą); to give out a) pasibaigti; b) išleisti (knygą); c) pasibaigti (apie jėgas); to give over a) perduoti; b) mesti (įprotį); c) šnek. nustoti, baigti; to give up a) mesti (rūkyti, užsiėmimus); b) atsisakyti (beviltiško ligonio); c) nustoti draugauti; to give oneself up pasiduoti; to give a piece of one's mind - įkrėsti proto

Paaiškinimas anglų kalba
  • (elasticity) the elasticity of something that can be stretched and returns to its original length
  • (cause, have, abstract) to cause to have, in the abstract sense or physical sense
  • (furnish) to be the cause or source of
  • (sell) to transfer possession of something concrete or abstract to somebody
  • (state) to convey or reveal information
  • (convey, compliment, regards) to convey, as of a compliment, regards, attention, and so on
  • (direct) to organize or be responsible for
  • (convey, communicate, smile) to convey or communicate, as with a smile, a look, or a physical gesture
  • (gift) to give as a present; to make a gift of
  • (cause, happen, be) to cause to happen or be responsible for
  • (produce) to give or supply
  • (transmit, knowledge, skills) to transmit (knowledge or skills)
  • (establish) to bring about
  • (leave with) to leave with; to give temporarily
  • (utter) to emit or utter
  • (release) to endure the loss of
  • (place, hands, custody) to place into the hands or custody of
  • (use) to give entirely to a specific person, activity, or cause
  • (give, medicine) to give (as medicine)
  • (distribute) to give or convey physically
  • (bestow, especially officially) to bestow, especially officially
  • (move) to move to make room for someone for something
  • (ply) to give food to
  • (chip in) to contribute to some cause
  • (collapse) to break down, literally or metaphorically
  • (estimate) to estimate the duration or outcome of something
  • (execute) to execute and deliver
  • (compensate) to deliver in exchange or recompense
  • (open) to afford access to
  • (shew) to present to view
  • (performing arts) to perform for an audience
  • (stretch) to be flexible under stress of physical force
  • (law) to accord by verdict
  • (express) to manifest or show
  • (pledge) to offer in good faith
  • (submit) to submit for consideration, judgment, or use
  • (lead) to guide or direct, as by behavior of persuasion
  • (permit) to allow to have or take
  • (inflict) to inflict as a punishment
  • (accept) to consent to engage in sexual intercourse with a man
  • (proffer) to proffer (a body part)
  • (plan) to present for consideration, examination, criticism, and so on
  • (alter) to bestow a quality on
  • (develop) to come to pass

give sinonimai axe, can, discharge, dismiss, displace, force out, get the boot, get the brush-off, give, give notice, give the axe, give the boot, send away, terminate, throw out, fire, give the sack, sack, elasticity, spring, springiness, suppleness, accord, administer, afford, allot, assign, award, bestow, bless, break, bring about, cause, cede, communicate, concede, confer, create, dedicate, deed, deliver, devote, dispense, divulge, donate, emit, engender, extend, furnish, give away, give off, give out, give up, grant, hand out, hold, impart, induce, issue, offer, pass, pass on, perform, produce, proffer, pronounce, provide, provoke, publish, put forth, raise, recede, render, retire, set forth, show, soften, transmit, afford, apply, bestow, break, bring on, cave in, chip in, collapse, commit, communicate, consecrate, contribute, dedicate, devote, donate, ease up, entail, establish, extend, fall in, feed, founder, generate, gift, give away, give up, give way, give…credit, go in for, grant, hand, hand back, hand down, hand up, have, hold, impart, induce, inform, kick in, leave, let know, make, move aside, move over, move up, offer, open, pass, pass on, pay, present, reach, render, return, sacrifice, sidestep, subscribe, take up, throw, turn aside, turn over, yield, proffer

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