communicate lietuviškai

communicate vertimas v 1) pranešti, duoti (žinias); 2) bendrauti, susisiekti

  • communicate (v.) perteikti, perduoti, pernešti, pranešti, susisiekti, reikšti, bendrauti su, pritapti prie
Paaiškinimas anglų kalba
  • (pass on) to transmit information
  • (share) to transmit thoughts or feelings
  • (transfer) to transfer to another
  • (contact verb) to join or connect Type of: intercommunicate
  • (be, verbal contact) to be in verbal contact; to interchange information or ideas Type of: interact
  • (Christianity) to administer Communion Topic: Christianity. Type of: covenant. Similar to: commune
  • (receive Communion, Catholic) to receive Communion, in the Catholic church

communicate sinonimai advertise, advertize, announce, call, channel, channelise, channelize, commune, contact, convey, declare, deliver, disclose, divulge, give notice, hand, hand on, impart, indicate, inform, intercommunicate, let know, make known, notify, pass, pass along, pass on, proclaim, publicise, publicize, publish, put across, put across/over, put over, relate, report, reveal, tell, transfer, transmit, transport, give, impart, inform, leave, let know, pass on

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