gift lietuviškai

gift vertimas n 1) dovana; 2) talentas

  • gift of the gab () gerai pakabintas liežuvis
  • gift item (n.) dovanos gaminys
Paaiškinimas anglų kalba
  • (acquisition) something acquired without compensation Type of: acquisition
  • (natural ability) natural abilities or qualities
  • (sharing) the act of giving
  • (enable) to give qualities or abilities to
  • (give) to give as a present; to make a gift of

gift sinonimai ability, aptitude, benefaction, bent, bequest, bestowal, bonus, boon, bounty, capability, capacity, charity, contribution, donation, endowment, faculty, flair, genius, giving, grant, gratuity, head, knack, natural ability, natural endowment, natural talent, offering, power, present, talent, largess, largesse, empower, endow, endue, give, indue, invest, present

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