establish lietuviškai

establish vertimas v 1) įkurti, įsteigti; 2) įsikurti; 3) nustatyti, padėti (pagrindą);to be established a) įsitaisyti (tarnyboje); b) įsišaknyti (apie papročius)

  • action to establish liability on the part of an administration (n.) skundas dėl administracinės atsakomybės
  • EC action to establish liability (n.) EB ieškinys dėl atsakomybės nustatymo
Paaiškinimas anglų kalba
  • (open up) to set up or found
  • (initiate) to set up or lay the groundwork for
  • (confirm) to establish the validity of something, as by an example, explanation or experiment
  • (lay down) to institute, enact, or establish
  • (render) to bring about
  • (install) to place or fix in a location
  • (build) to build or establish something abstract
  • (base) to use as a basis for; to found on

establish sinonimai appoint, authorise, base, base o.s. on, build, constitute, create, decree, demonstrate, determine, enact, enshrine, find, fix, form, found, give, go on, ground, instal, install, institute, launch, lay down, make, observe, ordain, plant, produce evidence of, produce proof of, prove, settle, set up, shew, show, start up, substantiate, underpin, verify, base on, found on, found upon

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