confer lietuviškai

confer vertimas v 1) suteikti (apdovanojimą); 2) tartis

  • confer with (v.) pasižiūrėti į, konsultuotis, atsiklausti, konsultuotis, pasižiūrėti į, atsiklausti
Paaiškinimas anglų kalba
  • (hash out) to have a conference to talk something over
  • (analyze) to examine and note the similarities or differences of
  • (allocate) to give, especially as an honor or reward

confer sinonimai accord, advise, allocate, assign, award, bargain, bestow, commend, compare, confab, confabulate, consult, contribute, converse, deliberate, discuss, give, grant, meet, parley, transact, vouchsafe, consult, deliberate, assign, award

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