commit lietuviškai

commit vertimas v 1) atlikti; įvykdyti (nusikaltimą ir pan.); 2) uždaryti (į kalėjimą); 3) pavesti, patikėti (smb/smthto);4): commit oneself (to) imtis (ko), įsipareigoti; to commit to paper/writingužrašyti; to commit to memory at(si)minti, išmokti (atmintinai); to commit suicide nusižudyti

  • commit a sin (v.) nusidėti
  • commit suicide (v.) nusižudyti
  • commit to memory (v.) įsiminti, įsidėmėti
  • commit treason (v.) išduoti
  • commit o.s. to (v.) pažadėti
  • commit unlawful entry (v.) įsilaužti
Paaiškinimas anglų kalba
  • (act) to perform an act, usually with a negative connotation
  • (use) to give entirely to a specific person, activity, or cause
  • (transfer) of persons to an institution, to cause to be admitted
  • (pass on) to confer a trust upon
  • (spend) to make an investment
  • (prosecute) to engage in or perform

commit sinonimai let in for, practice, charge, commend, commit a crime, confide, confine, consecrate, consign, dedicate, devote, do, enact, entrust, execute, give, give away, give up, go in for, imprison, institutionalise, institutionalize, intrust, invest, lock up, perform, perpetrate, perpetrate a crime, place, promise, pull, put, put away, relegate, send, take up, trust

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