create lietuviškai

create vertimas v 1) kurti; 2) sudaryti; (su)kelti

  • re-create (v.) atkurti, nusirašyti, nurašyti, kopijuoti, imituoti, pamėgdžioti
  • create (v.) sukurti, kurti, daryti, sukelti, padaryti, priversti, versti, būti, sudaryti, pagaminti, gaminti, duoti, parengti, pastatyti
  • re-create (v.) atkurti, imituoti, kopijuoti, nurašyti, nusirašyti, pamėgdžioti
Paaiškinimas anglų kalba
  • (make, cause, be) to make or cause to be or to become
  • (bring, existence) to bring into existence
  • (act) to pursue a creative activity; to be engaged in a creative activity Type of: act
  • (appoint) to invest with a new title, office, or rank Type of: appoint
  • (create, artistic means) to create by artistic means
  • (create, manufacture, man-made) to create or manufacture a man-made product

create sinonimai author, begin, bring about, bring into being, bring on, build, build up, call into being, cause, concoct, constitute, devise, dream, engender, entail, establish, forge, form, found, give, give birth to, induce, invent, make, originate, procreate, produce, provoke, raise, set up, sire, turn out, breed, bring forth, cause, do sth. to, engender, father, generate, induce, multiply, originate, produce, reproduce, beget, procreate

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