award lietuviškai

award vertimas 1. v 1) pripažinti (kam premiją, apdovanojimą); 2) suteikti (premiją);2.n 1) sprendimas, nutarimas (dėl apdovanojimo); 2) apdovanojimas

  • Academy Award Oskaras
  • award of contract (n.) sutarties skyrimas
Paaiškinimas anglų kalba
  • (law) a grant made by a law court
  • (symbol) a tangible symbol signifying approval or distinction
  • (gift) something given for victory or superiority in a contest or competition, or for winning a lottery
  • (allocate) to give, especially as an honor or reward
  • (give) to give as judged due or on the basis of merit

award sinonimai accolade, allocation, allotment, apportioning, apportionment, assignation, assignment, awarding, conferment, distribution, grant, honor, honour, laurels, parceling, parcelling, prize, reward, trophy, allocate, allot, assign, bestow, confer, endow, give, grant, accredit to, accredit with, allocate, allot, ascribe to, assign, attribute to, confer, credit to, credit with, give, grant, portion, present

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