cause lietuviškai

cause vertimas 1. n 1) priežastis; 2) pagrindas; 3) tikslas, reikalas; 4)teis. pusė; to make common cause withstoti į kieno nors pusę; veikti išvien; the cause of peace taikos reikalas; to plead the cause ginti bylą teisme;2. v 1) padaryti, sukelti; 2) priversti

  • cause of death (n.) mirtinas, žudikas
  • cause to sleep (v.) užmigdyti
  • give cause for (v.) kelti, sukelti
  • cause embarrassment (v.) sutrikdyti, sukelti sumišimą
  • Probable cause Baudžiamoji byla
  • cause damage (v.) sugadinti, gadinti, apgadinti
  • Cause of action Reikalavimas
  • cause damage to (v.) sugadinti, gadinti, apgadinti
  • cause (n.) priežastis, kampanija, tikslas, žygis, vajus, byla, ieškinys, pamatas, pagrindas, dingstis, pretekstas
  • cause (v.) daryti, sudaryti, versti, būti priežastimi, priversti, padaryti
  • cause damage (v.) apgadinti, gadinti, sugadinti
  • cause damage to (v.) apgadinti, gadinti, sugadinti
Paaiškinimas anglų kalba
  • (origination) events that provide the generative force that is the origin of something Type of: origination
  • (justification) a justification for something existing or happening
  • (venture) a series of actions advancing a principle or tending toward a particular end
  • (physical entity) any entity that produces an effect, or is responsible for events or results
  • (law) a comprehensive term for any proceeding in a court of law whereby an individual seeks a legal remedy
  • (create) to give rise to; to cause to happen or occur, not always intentionally
  • (induce) to cause to do; to cause to act in a specified manner

cause sinonimai campaign, case, causa, causal agency, causal agent, crusade, drive, effort, grounds, movement, plea, reason, lawsuit, legal proceedings, legal suit, suit, trial, bring about, bring on, compel, create, engender, generate, give, give rise to, incite, induce, inflict, make sure that, motivate, produce, provoke, raise, see to it that, arise, breed, brew, bring about, bring forth, bring on, distill, do, do sth. to, engender, entail, father, generate, get, give rise to, have, imply, induce, inflict, involve, make, multiply, originate, produce, provoke, raise, reproduce, result from, stimulate, yield, beget, create, procreate

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