leave lietuviškai

leave vertimas I n 1) leidimas; by/with your leave jums leidžiant, jūsų leidimu; 2) atostogos (t. p. leave of absence); to take French leave išeiti neatsisveikinus; on leave atostogose II v (left) 1) iškeliauti, išeiti; 2) palikti; apleisti; to leave smb/smth alone palikti ką ramybėje; to leave behind a) užmiršti; b) pralenkti, palikti užpakalyje; to leave for Kaunas išvykti į Kauną; to leave off nustoti; liautis; to leave outneįtraukti, praleisti; to leave over perkelti, atidėti; to leave open palikti klausimą atvirą (neišspręstą); to leave to chancepalikti savieigai, likimui

  • parental leave (n.) vaiko priežiūros atostogos
  • Parental leave Atostogos vaikui prižiūrėti
  • leave be (v.) palikti ramybėje
  • paid leave (n.) mokamos atostogos
  • maternity leave () motinystės atostogos
  • maternity leave (n.) motinystės atostogos
  • sick leave (n.) laikinojo nedarbingumo atostogos, atostogos dėl ligos
  • sick-leave (n.) atostogos dėl ligos
  • sick leave (n.) laikinojo nedarbingumo atostogos
  • leave alone (v.) palikti ramybėje, pamesti, palikti
  • unpaid leave (n.) nemokamos atostogos
  • special leave (n.) specialiosios atostogos
  • paternity leave (n.) tėvo atostogos vaikui prižiūrėti
  • take leave (v.) išeiti, išvykti, atsisveikinti
  • training leave (n.) mokymosi atostogos
  • leave behind (v.) palikti bėdoje, nelaimėje, palikti testamentu, palikti, pamesti, palikti ramybėje, nudanginti, nudėti, ne vietoje padėti, užmiršti, nesusivaldyti, užsimiršti
  • leave on social grounds (n.) socialinės atostogos
  • leave home () išeiti iš namų, išvykti iš namų, palikti namus
  • leave in peace (v.) palikti ramybėje
  • leave in the lurch (v.) palikti bėdoje, nelaimėje
  • leave-taking (n.) atsisveikinimas, išsiskyrimas
  • leave for political activities (n.) politinės veiklos atostogos
  • leave no stone unturned (v.) viską daryti, naršyti visus kampus
  • leave off (v.) išskirti, pašalinti, neskaityti, praleisti, neįtraukti
  • leave the nest (v.) išvykti iš namų, palikti namus
  • leave office (v.) atsistatydinti
  • leave to the mercy of (v.) statyti į pavojų
  • leave out (v.) užrakinti, uždaryti, neįleisti, pašalinti, neįeiti, neleisti įeiti, sulaikyti, užrakinti/uždaryti, kad paskui nepatektum, išskirti, neskaityti, praleisti, neįtraukti
Paaiškinimas anglų kalba
  • (time off) the period of time during which you are absent from work or duty
  • (permission) permission to do something Type of: permission
  • (departure) the act of departing politely
  • (go away, place) to go away from a place
  • (go, leave, either) to go and leave behind, either intentionally, or by neglect or forgetfulness Similar to: forget
  • (make) to act or be so as to become in a specified state Type of: make
  • (refrain) to leave unchanged or undisturbed, or refrain from taking
  • (move) to move out of or depart from
  • (yield) to make a possibility or provide opportunity for; to permit to be attainable or cause to remain
  • (produce) to have as a result or residue
  • (change) to remove oneself from an association with or participation in
  • (pass) to put into the care or protection of someone
  • (gift) to leave or give by will after one's death
  • (have) to have left or have as a remainder Type of: have. Similar to: leave behind
  • (be survived, death) to be survived by after one's death
  • (tell) to transmit (knowledge or skills)
  • (lose) to leave behind unintentionally

leave sinonimai allowance, authorization, consent, empowerment, farewell, goodbye, leave of absence, leave-taking, parting, pass, passport, permission, permit, authorisation, furlough, goodby, licence, license, valediction, abandon, allow, allow for, bequeath, cease, communicate, depart, desert, devise, drive away, drive off, drop, entrust, exit, forget, forsake, get out, give, give up, go, go away, go forth, go in for, go out, impart, inform, lead, leave alone, leave behind, leave in the lurch, let, let down, let know, move, part with, pass on, provide, pull out, pull up stakes, push along, quit, renounce, resign, result, retire, run along, run out on, set off, set out, stop, take off, transmit, turn away from, walk out on, will, withdraw, depart, drive away, drive off, go, go away, split, take off, push along, abandon, cast adrift, desert, desolate, drop, give up, leave behind, leave in the lurch, let down, refrain from, run out on, turn away from, walk out on, forsake

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