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return vertimas 1. n 1) sugrįžimas; 2) sugrąžinimas, atlyginimas; in return a) atsakant; b) mainais; 3) pelnas; 4) oficiali ataskaita; many happy returns! sveikinu gimimo dieną!; return ticket a) bilietas ten ir atgal; b) grąžinamas bilietas;2. v 1) sugrįžti; 2) sugrąžinti; 3) atsakyti; 4) duoti pelno; 5): to be returned (as) būti išrinktam

  • by return (adv.) tuoj pat, kitu paštu
  • by return mail (adv.) tuoj pat, kitu paštu
  • by return of post (adv.) tuoj pat, kitu paštu
  • return migration (n.) grįžtamoji migracija
  • farm return (n.) ūkio ataskaita
  • return game (n.) atsakomosios rungtynės
  • tax return (n.) mokesčių deklaravimas
  • Return on assets Įmonės turto pelningumas
  • Return on equity Nuosavo kapitalo pelningumas
  • return ticket (n.) bilietas ten ir atgal
  • return match (n.) atsakomosios rungtynės
  • Return to Innocence Return To Innocence
Paaiškinimas anglų kalba
  • (legal document) document giving the tax collector information about the taxpayer's tax liability
  • (arrival) a coming to or returning home
  • (turning) the occurrence of a change in direction back in the opposite direction
  • (acquisition) the act of getting of something back again
  • (motion) the act of going back to a prior location
  • (income) the income or profit arising from such transactions as the sale of land or other property
  • (repeat) happening again (especially at regular intervals)
  • (response) a quick reply to a question or remark (especially a witty or critical one)
  • (key) the key on electric typewriters or computer keyboards that causes a carriage return and a line feed
  • (group action) a reciprocal group action
  • (tennis stroke) a tennis stroke that sends the ball back to the other player
  • (American football game) the act of running back the ball after a kickoff, punt, interception, or fumble
  • (appearance) the act of someone appearing again
  • (travel) to go or come back to place, condition, or activity where one has been before Type of: travel
  • (gie) to give back
  • (change by reversal) to go back to a previous state
  • (denote) to go back to something earlier
  • (bring) to bring back to the point of departure
  • (reciprocate) to return in kind Type of: reciprocate
  • (football game) to make a return Topic: football game. Type of: transport
  • (answer) to answer back
  • (reappear) to be restored
  • (pay) to pay back
  • (communicate) to pass down
  • (elect) to elect again
  • (change hands) to be inherited by
  • (mathematics) to return to a previous position Topic: mathematics
  • (produce) to give or supply
  • (submit) to submit (a report, and so on) to someone in authority Type of: submit

return sinonimai back coupling, comeback, coming back, compensation, consideration, counter, earnings, favor in return, favour in return, gain, gains, getting even, homecoming, home-coming, homeward journey, homeward voyage, income tax form, income tax return, issue, journey back, journey home, lucre, paying back, payoff, proceeds, product, profit, profits, quid pro quo, reappearance, recrudescence, recurrence, reentry, regaining, reimbursement, rejoinder, repayment, replication, restitution, restoration, retort, return flight, return journey, return key, returns, revenue, revenues, riposte, take, tax assessment, tax form, tax return, voyage home, way back, yield, takings, return fare, round trip ticket, return ticket, round-trip ticket, bring back, come back, deliver, devolve, elect, fall, generate, give, give back, go back, hark back, make restitution, pass, recall, reelect, re-elect, refund, regress, rejoin, render, repay, reply, retort, retrovert, revert, riposte, take back, talk back, turn back, walk back, yield, restitute

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