get lietuviškai

get vertimas (got; amer. pp t. p. gotten) v 1) gauti; turėti (nuosavą) he has got a car jis turi (nuosavą) automobilį; 2) pasiekti, atvykti; 3) priversti, įtikinti; 4) ateiti; to get home ateiti, pareiti namo; pasiekti namus; 5) tapti; it is getting darktemsta; to get angry supykti; to get freeiš(si)vaduoti; to get hold of nutverti, sučiupti; to get married vesti, ištekėti; to get used įprasti, priprasti, apsiprasti; to get the worst of it būti nugalėtam; to get about a) atsigauti; tapti žinomam, paplisti; b) pasklisti (apie žinią, gandus); to get across a) persikelti (per upę); b) paveikti (auditoriją); to get ahead pralenkti; to get along a) sugebėti; b) sektis; c) sugyventi; to get at a) prisikasti; b) prisiskambinti (telefonu); c) šnek. turėti galvoje; to get away a) pabėgti, išeiti, išvykti; b) laimingai baigtis; to get back a) (su)grįžti; b) grąžinti; to get by a) praeiti; b) pajėgti;to get in a) įeiti; b) (derlių) surinkti; to get off a) išeiti; nulipti; nusėsti; b) išvengti; išsigelbėti; to get on a) pažengti, žengti pirmyn; artėti; b) užsėsti (ant arklio); to get out a) išeiti; paaiškėti; b) išimti; c) to get out of bed išlipti iš lovos; to get overnugalėti, įveikti; to get round a) apgauti; b) apeiti (įstatymą); c) imtis to get through a) susitvarkyti, įveikti (ką); b) išlaikyti (egzaminus); c) praeiti (apie įstatymą ir pan.); to get to imtis ko nors; to get together rinkti(s);to get up a) atsikelti; pakilti; b) kopti; c) organizuoti; apipavidalinti (knygą); d) šukuoti (plaukus); e) stiprėti; brangti (prekės);you have got to jūs privalote, turite; to get by heart išmokti atmintinai; get the sack būti atleistam iš darbo

Paaiškinimas anglų kalba
  • (return) a return on a shot that seemed impossible to reach and would normally have resulted in a point for the opponent Type of: return
  • (come, possession, something) to come into the possession of something concrete or abstract
  • (change state) to enter or assume a certain state or condition
  • (let) to cause to move; to cause to be in a certain position or condition
  • (receive, specified treatment) to receive a specified treatment (abstract)
  • (immigrate) to reach a destination; to arrive by movement or progress
  • (transmit) to go or come after, and bring or take back
  • (undergo) to go through (mental or physical states or experiences)
  • (get even) to take vengeance on or get even
  • (score) to achieve a point or goal
  • (induce) to cause to do; to cause to act in a specified manner
  • (seize) to succeed in catching or seizing, especially after a chase
  • (develop) to come to have or undergo a change of (physical features and attributes)
  • (sicken) to be stricken by an illness, fall victim to an illness
  • (intercommunicate) to communicate with a place or person; to establish communication with, as if by telephone Type of: intercommunicate
  • (alter) to give certain properties to something
  • (mean) to move into a desired direction of discourse
  • (understand) to grasp with the mind or develop an understanding of
  • (attract) to attract and fix
  • (reach, blow, hit) to reach with a blow or hit in a particular spot
  • (reach, calculation) to reach by calculation Followed by: calculate
  • (acquire, result, effort) to acquire as a result of some effort or action Similar to: catch
  • (hear) to perceive by hearing
  • (hurt) to suffer from the receipt of
  • (receive, retribution, punishment) to receive as a retribution or punishment
  • (leave) to leave immediately
  • (reach, board) to reach and board Type of: catch. Similar to: arrive
  • (stir) to evoke an emotional response Type of: touch. Similar to: annoy
  • (reproduce) to apprehend and reproduce accurately
  • (baseball game) to earn or achieve a base by being walked by the pitcher
  • (destroy) to overcome or destroy Type of: destroy
  • (confuse) to be a mystery or bewildering to
  • (begin) to take the 1st step or steps in carrying out an action
  • (sustain) to undergo (as of injuries and illnesses)
  • (create) to make children
  • (commerce) to obtain by purchase; to acquire by means of a financial transaction
  • (displease) to cause annoyance in; to disturb, especially by minor irritations

get sinonimai apprehend, argue, catch on, compass, comprehend, cotton on, dig, experience, figure out, get it, get onto, get the picture, get wise, grasp, grok, have, latch, latch on, make head or tail of, make much of, persuade, place, prevail on, prevail upon, receive, savvy, see, take, take in, talk round, tumble, tumble to, twig, understand, win over, accommodate with, achieve, acquire, adjust, aim, amaze, appear, apprehend, arrange, arrest, arrive, attain, baffle, beat, beat it, become, beget, begin, be successful, be successful in, bewilder, breed, bring, bring forth, bring home the bacon, bring in, bugger off, buy, buzz off, call for, capture, catch, cause, collect, come, come by, come down with, come off, come through, commence, comprehend, contract, convey, deliver the goods, develop, disconcert, draw, drive, dumbfound, earn, engender, entertain, fall, fall to, father, fetch, field, find, fix, fix up with, flummox, fluster, fuck off, gain, generate, get/set to work, get down, get down to, get hold of, get ready, get to work, get under one's skin, go, go for, go places, grab, grasp, gravel, grow, have, help, help to, hold up one's end, host, incur, induce, influence, inherit, learn, let, make, make it, make much of, manage, mother, mystify, nonplus, obtain, pay back, pay for, pay off, perceive, perplex, persuade, pick, pick up, pose, prepare, prevail upon, procreate, procure, produce, propagate, purchase, push off, put off, puzzle, reach, realise, reap, receive, roll up, score, scram, see, seize, set about, set out, settle down, set to work, sire, start, start out, stick, stimulate, stupefy, succeed, succeed in, suffer, sustain, tackle, take, take in, take to, to do well, turn, understand, unsettle, upset, vex, welcome, win, win through, bring off, pull off

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