apprehend lietuviškai

apprehend vertimas v 1) suvokti, numatyti; 2) bijoti, būkštauti; 3) areštuoti, suimti

Paaiškinimas anglų kalba
  • (understand) to get the meaning of something
  • (seize) to take into custody
  • (anticipate) to anticipate with dread or anxiety

apprehend sinonimai appreciate, capture, catch, compass, comprehend, detain, dig, discern, figure out, get, get the picture, grasp, grok, make head or tail of, make much of, nab, nail, nick, perceive, place under arrest, pre-empt, pull in, quail at, realize, recognise, recognize, run in, savvy, see, seize, take, take captive, take in, take into custody, take prisoner, understand, arrest, bust, capture, collar, cop, detain, grab, nab, nail, pick up, pinch, nick, pull in, run in

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