see lietuviškai

see vertimas v (saw; seen) 1) matyti; žiūrėti; stebėti; let me see your book parodykite man savo knygą; 2) matytis, pasimatyti, susitikti; to come to see ateiti aplankyti; to go to see nueiti aplankyti; 3) suprasti; oh! Isee! taip, suprantu!; don't you see? argi neaišku?; let me see leiskite pagalvoti; as far as I can see kiek aš suprantu; 4) palydėti; to see someone home palydėti namo; to see about pasirūpinti; to see in sutikti (Naujuosius metus); to see into įsigilinti; to see off išlydėti (išvykstantį); to see out a) pergyventi; b) palydėti iki durų; to see over apžiūrėti (patalpas); to see through a) pažinti (matyti) ką nors kiaurai; b) privesti iki galo; to see to prižiūrėti; pasirūpinti

  • see through rose-coloured glasses (v.) žiūrėti į/matyti ką pro rožinius akinius
  • see to it (v.) matyti, pasirūpinti
  • see about () tvarkyti, užsiimti, pasirūpinti, veikti
  • make s.o. see red (v.) išsekinti, pertempti
  • see eye to eye (v.) sutarti
  • get to see (v.) aiškiai parodyti, būti suprantamam, suprantamai perteikti, perprasti, įsisąmoninti
  • see off () palydėti, išlydėti
  • see to () matyti, pasirūpinti
  • see double (v.) akyse dvejintis
  • see reason ateiti į protą
  • see through rose-coloured spectacles (v.) žiūrėti į/matyti ką pro rožinius akinius
  • see to the door (v.) palydėti, išlydėti
  • see through (v.) stebėti, tirti, perkąsti
  • see-through (adj.) labai plonas
  • see fit (v.) laikyti reikalinga, ploti
  • see the light (v.) pakeisti, reformuoti
  • see the light () išvysti dienos šviesą
  • see you (adv.) iki, viso gero, sudie!, sudie, viso labo! iki pasimatymo!, ate!
  • see ZZZetcZZZ the last of matyti, paskutinį kartą (apie) ką girdėti, paskutinį kartą (apie) ką girdėti/matyti
  • see how the land lies () grabalioti, ieškoti apgraibomis, gerai pasverti visas aplinkybes
  • see out (v.) palydėti, išlydėti
  • see out () pergyventi
  • see red (v.) įsiusti
Paaiškinimas anglų kalba
  • (seat) the seat within a bishop's diocese where his cathedral is located Type of: seat. Part of: diocese
  • (perceive) to perceive by sight or have the power to perceive by sight Type of: perceive. Similar to: watch. Follows: look, see double, watch. Caused by: show
  • (perceive, idea, situation) to perceive (an idea or situation) mentally
  • (perceive, be contemporaneous) to perceive or be contemporaneous with
  • (imagine) to imagine, conceive of, or see in one's mind
  • (think) to deem to be
  • (hear) to get to know or become aware of, usually accidentally
  • (catch) to see or watch
  • (meet) to come together
  • (determine) to find out, learn, or determine with certainty, usually by making an inquiry or other effort
  • (verify) to be careful or certain to do something; to make certain of something
  • (go, see, professional) to go to see for professional or business reasons Type of: visit
  • (go, see, social) to go to see for a social visit Type of: visit. Similar to: visit
  • (tour) to go to see a place, as for entertainment
  • (give care) to take charge of or deal with
  • (receive) to receive as a specified guest Type of: receive
  • (consort) to date regularly; to have a steady relationship with
  • (see, understand, have) to see and understand, have a good eye Similar to: understand
  • (debate) to deliberate or decide Type of: consider
  • (detect) to observe as if with an eye Type of: detect
  • (examine) to observe, check out, and look over carefully or inspect
  • (undergo) to go or live through
  • (accompany) to accompany or escort
  • (card game) to match or meet Topic: card game. Type of: bet
  • (sense) to make sense of; to assign a meaning to

SEE sinonimai single event effect

see sinonimai archbishopric, bishopric, cathedral town, diocese, accompany, appreciate, apprehend, ascertain, associate, associate with, assure, attend, behold, be up to, bump into one another, call on, catch, check, come across, compass, comprehend, consider, construe, consult, control, court, deal with, deem, deliberate, deliberate about, deliberate over, deliberate upon, descry, determine, dig, discern, discover, distinguish, drop by, drop in, encounter, ensure, entertain, envision, escort, espy, examine, experience, fancy, feel, figure, figure out, find, find out, get, get a line, get right, get the picture, get wind, get word, go around with, go out, go out with, go steady, go steady with, go through, go to see, grasp, grok, hear, image, inform, insure, interpret, join, knock, know, learn, look, look in on, look on, make head or tail of, make much of, mark, meet, meet one another, mingle with, notice, observe, pay a visit, pay a visit to, perceive, pick up, picture, ponder, ponder over, project, realise, realize, receive, reckon, recognise, recognize, reflect on, reflect upon, regard, run across, run across one another, run into, run into one another, savvy, see about, see to, see to it, spot, spy, suffer, take, take care, take in, undergo, understand, view, visit, visualise, visualize, watch, witness, date, go round with, keep company with, mix with, consider, descry, espy, spot, spy

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