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gain vertimas 1. v 1) uždirbti; 2) gauti; įgyti; pasiekti; 3) išlošti; laimėti; to gain a victory, to gain the upper hand nugalėti, pasiekti pergalę; to gain ground progresuoti; žengti į priekį; my watch gains mano laikrodis skuba; to gain time laimėti laiko; to gain on/upon a) pavyti; b) pralenkti;2. n padidėjimas, augimas; pelnas; laimėjimas;pl pajamos (from)

  • gain ground (v.) daryti pažangą, plisti, įsitvirtinti
  • gain on () prisivyti, artintis
  • gain the upper hand (v.) išeiti į gera, įveikti, laimėti, nugalėti, paimti viršų, turėti/paimti viršų, palenkti
  • gain vigor (v.) atsigauti, atkusti
  • Antenna gain Antenos stiprinimas
Paaiškinimas anglų kalba
  • (indefinite quantity) a quantity that is added
  • (advantage) the advantageous quality of being beneficial
  • (increment) the amount of increase in signal power, voltage, or current expressed as the ratio of output to input
  • (sum of money) the amount by which the revenue of a business exceeds its cost of operating Type of: sum of money
  • (win something, efforts) to win something through one's efforts
  • (benefit) to derive a benefit from
  • (reach) to reach a destination, either real or abstract
  • (gain ground) to obtain advantages, such as points, and so on
  • (wax) to rise in rate or price
  • (gather) to increase or develop
  • (take in) to earn on some commercial or business transaction; to earn as salary or wages
  • (change state) to increase (one's body weight)
  • (obtain) to come into possession of

gain sinonimai addition, advance, advancement, advantage, amenity, amplification, dividend, earnings, gains, improvement, increase, increment, lucre, power gain, proceeds, profit, profits, progress, return, returns, revenue, revenues, rise, transmission gain, vantage, winnings, yield, acquire, be fast, get hold of, obtain, achieve, acquire, advance, arrive at, attain, benefit, bring in, clear, come, come to, derive, earn, gain ground, gain weight, gather, get, get ahead, get fat, grow fat, hit, make, make headway, obtain, profit, pull ahead, pull in, put on, put on weight, reach, realise, realize, take in, win

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