manage lietuviškai

manage vertimas v 1) vadovauti, vesti; 2) susidoroti; mokėti vartoti; pajėgti; 3) įsigudrinti; 4) suspėti; pasisekti

  • manage to (v.) galėti
  • stage-manage (v.) pastatyti
  • manage on (v.) išsilaikyti, gyventi iš, maitintis, misti, verstis, išlaikyti, ištverti, išgyventi, gyventi, patirti
Paaiškinimas anglų kalba
  • (succeed) to be successful; to achieve a goal
  • (control) to be in charge of, act on, or dispose of
  • (act) to come to terms with
  • (administer) to watch and direct
  • (achieve) to achieve something by means of trickery or devious methods
  • (do) to carry on or function
  • (manipulate) to handle effectively

manage sinonimai accomplish, administer, administrate, arrange, be successful, brandish, bring about, bring off, care, carry off, come off, come through, contend, contrive, control, cope, deal, do, dominate, finagle, get along, get by, govern, grapple, handle, head, lead, make do, make out, make shift, negociate, oversee, preside, pull off, regulate, run, steer, succeed, superintend, supervise, to keep a grip on, train, wangle, wield, work out, attain, be successful, be successful in, bring home the bacon, come off, come through, deliver the goods, get, go places, hold up one's end, make it, reach, succeed, succeed in, to do well, win, win through, bring off, pull off

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