argue lietuviškai

argue vertimas v 1) ginčytis; 2) svarstyti; įrodinėti; 3) įrodyti, įtikinti

  • argue over (v.) ginčyti
  • argue about (v.) ginčyti
Paaiškinimas anglų kalba
  • (reason) to present reasons and arguments
  • (converse) to have an argument about something
  • (indicate) to give evidence of

argue sinonimai agitate, altercate, argue about, argue over, argufy, assert, attest, bandy words, bicker, claim, clash, contend, contest, convince, cross swords, debate, debate about, debate upon, deliberate, demonstrate, denote, disagree, discuss, dispute, dispute about, dispute over, diverge, evince, explain, expostulate, fence, feud, fight, get, haggle, hold, imply, indicate, infer, insist, maintain, oppose, persuade, plead, prevail on, prevail upon, prove, quarrel, quibble, reason, remonstrate, row, say, scrap, show, skirmish, submit, talk about, talk round, testify, to cross swords with someone, win over, wrangle, contend, dispute, reason, row, spar, advocate, argue about, argue over, contend, contest, contradict, discuss, dispute, dispute about, dispute over, oppose, plead, question, repugn, skirmish, talk over, talk through

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