vex lietuviškai

vex vertimas v erzinti; pykinti; to be vexed a) pykti; b) įsižeisti; how vexing! kaip apmaudu!

Paaiškinimas anglų kalba
  • (displease) to cause annoyance in; to disturb, especially by minor irritations
  • (perturb) to disturb the peace of mind of; to afflict with mental agitation or distress
  • (move) to change the arrangement or position of
  • (debate) to subject to prolonged examination, discussion, or deliberation Type of: debate
  • (confuse) to be a mystery or bewildering to

vex sinonimai afflict, aggravate, agitate, agonize, amaze, annoy, antagonise, antagonize, badger, baffle, beat, beleaguer, bewilder, bore, bother, burden, chafe, commove, confute, debate, devil, disconcert, disturb, dumbfound, exasperate, flummox, fluster, get, get at, get someone's goat, get to, gravel, haggle, harass, intrude, irk, irritate, mystify, nark, nettle, nonplus, perplex, pester, pose, provoke, put off, put someone's hackles up, puzzle, rag, raise up, rile, rub up the wrong way, shake up, stick, stir up, stupefy, tantalize, tease, tire, trouble, unsettle, upset, worry, bug

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