regard lietuviškai

regard vertimas 1. n 1) įdėmus žvilgsnis; pagarba; dėmesys; rūpinimasis; to pay regard to pagerbti; out of regard for you pagerbdamas jus; without regard tonekreipiant, nekreipdamas dėmesio; to have regard forskaitytis (su kieno nors noru, jausmais); 2)pl linkėjimai; give my best regards to perduokite labų dienų; 3) požiūris; in/with regard to kai dėl, dėl;2. v 1) įdėmiai žiūrėti; laikyti (kuo nors); 2) atsižvelgti; liesti; as regards kai dėl; that regards you tai liečia jus

  • with regard to () dėl
  • self-regard (n.) savigarba
  • fond regard (n.) prisirišimas
  • regard as (v.) manyti, laikyti
Paaiškinimas anglų kalba
  • (detail) a detail or point
  • (attention) paying particular notice (as to children or helpless people)
  • (greeting) a polite expression of desire for someone's welfare
  • (stare) a long fixed look
  • (honor) the condition of being honored (esteemed, respected, or well regarded)
  • (affectionateness) a feeling of friendship and esteem
  • (mental attitude) an attitude of admiration or esteem
  • (think) to deem to be
  • (look) to look at attentively
  • (refer) to connect closely and often incriminatingly

regard sinonimai affection, attention, attentiveness, awe, cogitation, compliments, consideration, deference, esteem, gaze, glance, heed, honour, look, meditation, meditations, musing, musings, note, paying attention, reference, reflection, relation, respect, reverence, thought, wish, obeisance, allow, bend one's mind to, consider, enter into, entertain, esteem, fear, flirt with, focus one's attention on, go into, have in view, keep one's mind on, make allowance for, pay attention to, respect, revere, show respect for, take into account, take into consideration, take notice of, take stock of, think about, think of, to take stock of the situation, toy with, venerate, reverence, affect, be concerned with, behold, concern, consider, deem, involve, look on, reckon, see, touch on, touch upon, view

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