date lietuviškai

date vertimas I 1. n 1) data; 2) periodas; out of datepasenęs; up to date naujausias, šiuolaikinis; 3) pasimatymas;2. v 1) datuoti; 2) prasidėti (nuo) II n datulė (vaisius)

  • International Date Line (n.) demarkacinė laiko linija
  • International Date Line Datos keitimosi linija
  • to date () iki šiol
  • out-of-date (adj.) pasenęs, nebegaliojantis
  • out of date () nebemadingas, nemadingas, senoviškas, senas, senovinis, išėjęs iš mados, senamadis, pasenęs, nebegaliojantis
  • bring up to date (v.) aktualia medžiaga, atnaujinti
  • bring up-to-date () aktualia medžiaga, atnaujinti
  • date line (n.) demarkacinė laiko linija
  • get out of date (v.) pasenti
  • up-to-date (adj.) modernus, šiuolaikinis, pats naujausias, naujausias, atnaujintas, šiuolaikiškas, dabartinis, naujoviškas
  • up to date () pats naujausias, naujausias, atnaujintas, modernus, šiuolaikinis, šiuolaikiškas, dabartinis, naujoviškas
Paaiškinimas anglų kalba
  • (day of the month) the specified day of the month
  • (companion) a participant in a date
  • (meeting) a meeting arranged in advance
  • (point in time) a particular but unspecified point in time
  • (present) the present Type of: present
  • (calendar month) the particular day, month, or year (usually according to the Gregorian calendar) that an event occurred
  • (particular day specified) a particular day specified as the time something happens Type of: mean solar day
  • (edible fruit) sweet edible fruit of the date palm with a single long woody seed Type of: edible fruit. Part of: date palm
  • (go, date with) to go on a date with Type of: go out. Similar to: go steady
  • (stamp) to stamp with a date
  • (determine) to assign a date to; to determine the (probable) date of Type of: determine
  • (consort) to date regularly; to have a steady relationship with
  • (supply) to provide with a dateline; to mark with a date Type of: supply

date sinonimai date back, date from, go back, day of the month, engagement, escort, particular date, rendezvous, the present, become antiquated, become dated, become obsolete, become outmoded, date stamp, get out of date, go out, go out of fashion, go out together, go out with, go steady, go steady with, associate, associate with, court, go around with, go out, go out with, go steady, go steady with, knock, mingle with, see, go round with, keep company with, mix with, become antiquated, become dated, become obsolete, become outmoded, drop out of usage, fall into abeyance, fall into disuse, get out of date, go out of use

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