observe lietuviškai

observe vertimas v 1) stebėti; 2) laikytis (įstatymų, papročių); 3) daryti pastabas

Paaiškinimas anglų kalba
  • (spy) to discover or determine the existence, presence, or fact of
  • (state) to make mention of
  • (take note) to observe with care or pay close attention to
  • (watch attentively) to watch attentively Type of: watch
  • (accept) to show respect towards
  • (celebrate) to behave as expected during of holidays or rites
  • (check into) to follow with the eyes or the mind
  • (maintain) to stick to correctly or closely
  • (conform, action, practice) to conform one's action or practice to

observe sinonimai mark, note, notice, take note of, abide by, acknowledge, act up to, adopt, behold, celebrate, commemorate, comment, comply, comply with, conform, consider, contemplate, descry, detect, discern, discover, establish, examine, find, follow, follow up, fulfil, fulfill, guard, heed, hold, honor, honour, immortalise, immortalize, inspect, keep, keep an eye on, keep to, keep watch over, live up to, look at, maintain, make an observation, make a remark, mark, memorialise, memorialize, mention, note, notice, obey, pass a remark, perceive, perform, protect, recognise, recognize, record, remark, remember, respect, say, scrutinise, scrutinize, see, show, solemnise, spot, survey, take note, to keep an eye on something, utter, watch, watch over, redeem

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