encounter lietuviškai

encounter vertimas 1. v susidurti, susitikti; 2. n susidūrimas

Paaiškinimas anglų kalba
  • (fighting) a minor short-term fight
  • (convergence) a casual or unexpected convergence
  • (joining) a casual meeting with a person or thing
  • (disagreement) a hostile disagreement face-to-face
  • (foregather) to come together
  • (find) to come upon, as if by accident; to meet with
  • (be) to be beset by
  • (undergo) to experience as a reaction
  • (play) to contend against an opponent in a sport, game, or battle

encounter sinonimai action, altercation, argument, assembly, battle, brush, clash, collision, combat, coming upon, conflict, confrontation, contention, difference, difference of opinion, dispute, engagement, face-off, fight, meeting, misunderstanding, scrimmage, skirmish, slanging match, strife, struggle, contest, showdown, trial of strength, tug-of-war, bang into, come across, come upon, confront, experience, face, find, go through, meet, meet with, run into, see, stumble across, stumble upon, undergo, bump, bump into one another, chance, come across, come upon, fall in with, find, happen, join, meet, meet one another, meet with, play, receive, run across, run across one another, run into, run into one another, see, stumble across, stumble upon, take on

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