better lietuviškai

better vertimas I, bettor n lažybininkas II1. (aukštesnysis laipsnis iš good, well); geresnis; aukštesnis; sveikesnis; to be/feel/get better geriau jaustis; to be better off būti turtingesniam; for better for worse kas beatsitiktų, kaip ten bebūtų; the better hand persvara; pranašumas; the better part dauguma; to be better than one's word padaryti daugiau, negu pažadėta; 2. adv geriau, daugiau; he had better (go) jis geriau tegu (eina); all the better, so much the better juo geriau; to think better of smth persigalvoti;3. n: to get the better ofpirmauti, laimėti; one's betters aukštesnieji asmenys

Paaiškinimas anglų kalba
  • (something superior, quality) something superior in quality, condition, or effect Type of: goodness
  • (gambler) someone who bets
  • (superior) a superior person having claim to precedence Type of: superior
  • (superior one, 2) the superior one of 2 alternatives Type of: goodness
  • (surpass) to surpass in excellence
  • (change) to make better
  • (change state) to get better
  • (bang-up) having desirable or positive qualities, especially those suitable for a thing specified
  • (superior, another, same) superior to another (of the same class, set, or kind); in excellence of quality, desirability, or suitability; more highly skilled than another Similar to: amended, finer, improved
  • (good health, especially) in good health, especially after having suffered illness or injury Similar to: asymptomatic, cured
  • (fitter) changed for the better in health or fitness Similar to: fitter
  • (ample) having the normally expected amount
  • (morally admirable) morally admirable Similar to: angelical, goody-goody, redemptive, white. Described by: goodness
  • (wiser, more advantageous) wiser or more advantageous and hence advisable
  • (wise, advantageous, hence) wise or advantageous and hence advisable Similar to: advisable
  • (reputable) deserving of esteem and respect
  • (major) more than half Similar to: major
  • (advantageous) promoting or enhancing well-being
  • (nice) agreeable or pleasing
  • (righteous) of moral excellence
  • (skilled) having or showing knowledge, skill, and aptitude
  • (close) with or in a close or intimate relationship
  • (dependable) financially sound
  • (opportune) most suitable or right for a particular purpose
  • (fortunate) resulting favorably
  • (operative) exerting force or influence
  • (pleasing) capable of pleasing
  • (intellectual) appealing to the mind
  • (healthy) in excellent physical condition
  • (healthful) tending to promote physical well-being; beneficial to health
  • (discriminating) generally admired
  • (complete) performed comprehensively and completely
  • (better, more excellent) in a better or more excellent manner, more advantageously or attractively, or to a greater degree, or so on
  • (good, proper, satisfactory) in a good, proper, or satisfactory manner, or to a high standard
  • (fully) thoroughly or completely
  • (thoroughly) completely and absolutely
  • (position, superiority, authority) from a position of superiority or authority
  • (easily) indicating high probability; in all likelihood
  • (entirely, fully) entirely or fully
  • (suitable, appropriate extent) to a suitable, appropriate extent, or degree
  • (favorably) favorably; with approval
  • (considerably) to a great extent or degree
  • (intimately) with great or especially intimate knowledge
  • (prudence, propriety) with prudence or propriety
  • (skill, pleasing manner) with skill or in a pleasing manner
  • (advantageously) in a manner affording benefit or advantage
  • (comfortably) in financial comfort
  • (unusual distress, resentment) without unusual distress or resentment; with good humor

better sinonimai best, bigger, finer, greater, healthier, improving, larger, recovering, stronger, best, bettor, gambler, punter, wagerer, ameliorate, amend, break, improve, improve on, look up, meliorate

good sinonimai agreed!, all right, alright, fine, OK, okay, very well, well, able, absolutely delicious, accomplished, adept, adequate, admirable, adroit, advantageous, agreeable, appetising, appetizing, attentive, auspicious, authentic, available, beneficent, beneficial, benevolent, capable, careful, clever, commendable, competent, complete, considerable, dear, decorous, delectable, delicious, dependable, deserving, dexterous, dutiful, effective, efficient, estimable, excellent, exemplary, expert, exquisite, fine, friendly, full, generous, gentle, genuine, goodly, good-natured, gorgeous, gracious, great, grounded, hefty, helpful, honest, honorable, honourable, humane, in effect, in force, just, kind, kind-hearted, large, lovely, moral, near, nice, noble, obedient, obliging, pleasant, practiced, precious, proficient, profitable, proper, propitious, qualified, real, reliable, respectable, right, righteous, ripe, safe, salutary, satisfactory, satisfying, savory, savoury, scrumptious, secure, serious, serviceable, sizable, sizeable, skilful, skilled, sound, substantial, sufficient, sweet, tasty, trained, true, trustworthy, undecomposed, unspoiled, unspoilt, upright, valid, valuable, versed, virtuous, well, well-behaved, well-disposed, well-grounded, well up, well-versed, worthy, yummy, skillful, all right, gratifyingly, kindly, pleasingly, rightly, satisfactorily, satisfyingly, soundly, thoroughly, well, benefit, commodity, goodness, goods, trade good

well sinonimai good, abundantly, accurately, adeptly, advantageously, all right, alright, amply, appetisingly, appetizingly, attentively, awfully, carefully, comfortably, comprehensively, considerably, correctly, delectably, deliciously, easily, efficiently, excellently, exquisitely, fairly, fully, generously, good, gorgeously, gratifyingly, greatly, heartily, heftily, highly, intimately, kindly, lovelily, nicely, observantly, personally, pleasingly, properly, rightly, satisfactorily, satisfyingly, savorily, savourily, scrumptiously, sizably, sizeably, soundly, substantially, successfully, sufficiently, suitably, sweetly, tastily, terribly, thoroughly, tidily, tremendously, agreed!, all right, alright, fine, good, OK, okay, very well, fountainhead, shaft, stairwell, wellspring, swell

well- sinonimai aright, correctly, properly, right, rightly

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