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sound vertimas n. garsas, skambėjimas, ūžimas; v. 1) skambėti, aidėti; 2) duoti signalą; to sound the alarm - skelbti pavojų; 3) išklausyti, auskultuoti (ligonį); adj. 1)sveikas, tvirtas, saugus, geram stovy; 2) patikimas, logiškas; 3)gilus (miegas); teisus (morališkai tvirtas), protingas, sveiko proto; 4) (juridiškai) patikimas.

  • safe and sound (adj.) sveikas ir gyvas, gyvas ir sveikas
  • sound effect (n.) garso efektai, efektai
  • sound asleep (adj.) kietai įmigęs, giliai įmigęs
  • sound effects () efektai
  • sound insulation (n.) garso izoliacija
  • sound off (v.) skųstis, atvirai pasakyti savo nuomonę, kalbėti, atvirai pasakyti savo nuomonę/kalbėti, pareikšti savo nuomonę, pasisakyti, užgroti
  • ringing sound (n.) garsas, triukšmas, trenksmas, gausmas
  • sound out (v.) tarti, artikuliuoti
  • sound out (v.) išklausinėti
  • Sound power Garsumas
  • sound projection (n.) metimas, išsikišimas
  • sound reflection (n.) aidas
  • sound reproduction equipment (n.) garso atkūrimo įranga
  • speed of sound (n.) garso greitis
  • Speed of sound Garso greitis
  • sound-track (n.) fonograma, garso takelis, įrašas
  • vowel sound (n.) balsis
Paaiškinimas anglų kalba
  • (sound property) the particular auditory effect produced by a given cause Type of: sound property
  • (sensation) the subjective sensation of hearing something
  • (mechanical phenomenon) mechanical vibrations transmitted by an elastic medium
  • (happening) the sudden occurrence of an audible event Type of: happening
  • (auditory communication) the audible part of a transmitted signal
  • (phonetics) an individual sound unit of speech without concern as to whether or not it's a phoneme of some language
  • (channel) a narrow channel of the sea joining 2 larger bodies of water
  • (body of water) a large ocean inlet or deep bay
  • (look) to appear in a certain way Type of: look
  • (cause to be perceived) to make a certain noise or sound
  • (give, certain sound) to give off a certain sound or sounds
  • (announce) to announce by means of a sound Type of: announce
  • (pronounce) to utter with vibrating vocal chords
  • (cause, sound) to cause to sound
  • (quantify) to measure the depth of (a body of water) with a sounding line
  • (financially secure, safe) financially secure and safe Similar to: dependable, healthy, solid, stable
  • (reasonable) exercising or showing good judgment
  • (solid) in good condition; free from defect, damage, or decay Similar to: solid
  • (gd.) in excellent physical condition
  • (reasoned) logically valid
  • (legal) having legal efficacy or force
  • (righteous) free from moral defect Similar to: righteous
  • (deep) of sleep, deep and complete
  • (intact) not harmed or spoiled
  • (complete) performed comprehensively and completely

Sound sinonimai catheter

sound sinonimai careful, close, complete, effectual, fit, good, healthful, healthy, heavy, intelligent, in training, legal, levelheaded, level-headed, profound, proper, reasoned, wakeless, well-grounded, awful, awfully, badly, dire, frightfully, greatly, soundly, terribly, thoroughly, tremendously, arm of the sea, audio, auditory sensation, channel, cheep, musical note, narrows, noise, note, phone, speech sound, strait, straits, tone, alarm, auscultate, blare, cast, chime, echo, enunciate, examine, express, fathom, go, inspect, investigate, knell, measure, peal, plumb, pronounce, reverberate, vocalise, vocalize, voice, chime, ring, strike, gauge, go off, peal, plumb, poll, ring, toll, knell

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