proper lietuviškai

proper vertimas a 1) (kam nors) įprastas, būdingas; 2) prideramas, tinkamas; 3) teisingas; tikras; 4) rimtas, kruopštus; proper name tikrinis vardas; proper noun tikrinis daiktavardis; proper fraction tikroji trupmena

  • Finland Proper Pietvakarių Suomija
  • proper name (n.) tikrinis daiktavardis, vardas, tikrinis daiktavardis/vardas
  • proper noun (n.) tikrinis daiktavardis, vardas, tikrinis daiktavardis/vardas
  • Lithuania proper Didžioji Lietuva
  • Proper motion Savasis judėjimas
  • Tavastia Proper Vidurio Hemė
Paaiškinimas anglų kalba
  • (marked, suitability, rightness) marked by suitability, rightness, or appropriateness Similar to: becoming, correct, correct, fitting, halal, kosher, priggish. Described by: propriety
  • (real) having all the qualities typical of the thing specified Similar to: real
  • (specific) limited to the thing specified Similar to: specific
  • (appropriate) appropriate for a condition, purpose, occasion, or a person's character, needs

proper sinonimai accurate, actual, apposite, appropriate, apt, becoming, befitting, careful, chaste, close, comely, comme il faut, complete, congenial, convincing, correct, creditable, decent, decorous, exact, factual, fit, fitting, formal, genuine, good, impeccable, individual, irreproachable, justified, neat, orthodox, peculiar, personal, pertinent, precise, real, respectable, right, seemly, sound, special, specific, strict, suitable, tidy, true, truthful, valid, veritable, virtual, virtuous

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