safe lietuviškai

safe vertimas 1. a 1) apsaugotas; saugus; nesugadintas; sveikas; safe and sound sveikas ir gyvas; 2) laimingas (atvykimas);3) patikimas, tikras; it is safe to say galima drąsiai pasakyti; 4) atsargus, apdairus; 2. n seifas, nedegamoji spinta

  • be on the safe side dėl visa ko
  • store safe (n.) kasos aparatas
  • safe and sound (adj.) sveikas ir gyvas, gyvas ir sveikas
  • safe deposit vault (n.) saugykla
  • safe-deposit box (n.) seifas
  • play safe vengti rizikos
  • safe house (n.) slėptuvė
Paaiškinimas anglų kalba
  • (strongbox) strongbox where valuables can be safely kept Type of: strongbox
  • (cupboard) a ventilated or refrigerated cupboard for securing provisions from pests Type of: cupboard
  • (contraceptive device) contraceptive device consisting of a sheath of thin rubber or latex that is worn over the penis during intercourse
  • (free, danger, risk) free from danger or the risk of harm Similar to: fail-safe, off the hook, risk-free, safe-and-sound
  • (unadventurous) of an undertaking, secure from risk Similar to: unadventurous
  • (baseball game) having reached a base without being put out Topic: baseball game
  • (sound) financially sound

safe sinonimai cautious, dependable, firm, good, guarded, harmless, honest, innocent, innocuous, inoffensive, protected, pure, reliable, responsible, safe and sound, safely, secure, solid, steady, sure, true, trustworthy, unharmed, unoffending, unscathed, condom, prophylactic, safe-deposit box, safety, safety-deposit box, sheath, rubber, protect, safeguard, secure, shield

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