accomplished lietuviškai

accomplished vertimas a 1) užbaigtas; accomplished fact neginčijamas faktas; 2) apsišvietęs, kultūringas

Paaiškinimas anglų kalba
  • (cause) to put in effect
  • (succeed) to gain with effort
  • (compass) to bring about
  • (skilled) highly skilled
  • (dead) successfully completed or brought to an end
  • (settled) settled securely and unconditionally

accomplish sinonimai achieve, bring about, carry out, complete, conclude, consummate, do, effectuate, enforce, execute, finish, fulfil, fulfill, implement, obtain, perform, produce, realise, action, arrive, attain, carry out, carry through, enforce, execute, fulfil, perform, reach, achieve, fulfill

accomplished sinonimai able, adept, capable, clued up, competent, complete, completed, concluded, consumate, cultivated, deft, done, effected, efficient, established, experienced, experient, finished, fitted, gifted, good, master, polished, proficient, realised, realized, refined, skilful, skilled, skillful, talented, trained, versed, well-versed, practiced, practised

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