careful lietuviškai

careful vertimas a 1) rūpestingas; 2) atidus; 3) atsargus

  • be careful (v.) klausyti, atkreipti dėmesį, paisyti, kreipti dėmesį į, būti atsargiam, saugotis
Paaiškinimas anglų kalba
  • (exercising caution, showing) exercising caution, or showing care or attention Similar to: blow-by-blow, certain, close, conscientious, detailed, minute, over-careful, particular,...
  • (mindful) cautiously attentive
  • (unhurried) unhurried, and with care and dignity
  • (troubled) full of cares or anxiety Similar to: troubled
  • (provident) mindful of the future in spending money

careful sinonimai alert, attentive, obliging, accurate, attentive, cagey, cagy, caring, cautious, chary, circumspect, close, concerned, conscientious, deliberate, descriptive, discreet, fastidious, fussy, gentle, good, guarded, heedful, in-depth, judicious, measured, meticulous, mindful, minute, notable, observant, painstaking, particular, precise, proper, prudent, punctilious, rigorous, safe, scrupulous, searching, solicitous, sound, spare, strict, thorough, thrifty, unhurried, vigilant, wary, watchful

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