improve lietuviškai

improve vertimas v (pa)gerinti, (pa)tobulinti; gerėti, tobulėti; to improve away pabloginti (norint pagerinti); to improve upon patobulinti

  • improve on () pagerinti, patobulinti
Paaiškinimas anglų kalba
  • (change) to make better
  • (change state) to get better
  • (help) to change for the better

improve sinonimai ameliorate, amend, better, boost, brighten, bring to perfection, chasten, clear up, convalesce, elevate, enhance, enlighten, ennoble, fix up, get better, get on, heal, help, improve on, increase, look up, make headway, make perfect, meliorate, mend, modernize, overhaul, perfect, recover, refine, revive, right, tune up, upgrade, advance, come along, come on, get ahead, get along, get on, get there, make headway, make progress, move forward, progress, shape, shape up

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