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support vertimas 1. n 1) palaikymas; parama; atrama, ramstis; to speak in support of palaikyti, ginti; 2) šeimos maitintojas; 2. v 1) palaikyti; paremti; 2) išlaikyti (šeimą); 3) paremti, sustiprinti

  • Community support framework (n.) Bendrijos paramos koncepcija
  • economic support (n.) ekonominė parama
  • farm price support (n.) EB žemės ūkio kainų palaikymas
  • support mechanism (n.) paramos mechanizmas
  • support price (n.) palaikomoji kaina
  • monetary support (n.) piniginė parama
  • price support (n.) kainų palaikymas
  • support tariff (n.) palaikomasis tarifas
  • market support (n.) rinkos palaikymas
  • support policy (n.) paramos politika
Paaiškinimas anglų kalba
  • (activity, providing, maintaining) the activity of providing for or maintaining by supplying with money or necessities Type of: activity
  • (aid) aiding the cause, policy, or interests of Type of: aid
  • (influence) something providing immaterial assistance to a person, cause, or interest Type of: influence
  • (military machine) a military operation (often involving new supplies of men and materiel) to strengthen a military force or aid in the performance of its mission
  • (validation) the act of documentary validation
  • (keep) the financial means whereby one lives
  • (supporting structure) supporting structure that holds up or provides a foundation Type of: supporting structure
  • (supporting) the act of bearing the weight of or strengthening
  • (voice part) a musical part (vocal or instrumental) that supports or provides background for other musical parts
  • (device) any device that bears the weight of another thing Type of: device
  • (financial support) financial resources provided to make some project possible
  • (give moral, psychological) to give moral or psychological support, aid, or courage to
  • (give) to support materially or financially Type of: give
  • (approve) to be behind; to approve of
  • (hold up) to be the physical support of; to carry the weight of
  • (confirm) to establish or strengthen as with new evidence or facts
  • (concur) to adopt as a belief
  • (match) to support with evidence or authority, or make more certain or confirm
  • (argue) to argue or speak in defense of
  • (dramaturgy) to play a subordinate role to (another performer) Topic: dramaturgy. Type of: act
  • (foster) to be a regular customer or client of
  • (permit) to put up with something or somebody unpleasant

support sinonimai keep, maintain, sustain, abutment, accompaniment, aid, backing, backup, bread and butter, breadwinning, documentation, espousal, financial backing, financial support, funding, help, keep, live, livelihood, living, ministration, moorings, musical accompaniment, point of support, reenforcement, reinforcement, relief, supporting, sustenance, meal ticket, succor, succour, accept, acquiesce in, approve, assist, attend to, authorise, authorize, back up, bear out, be behind, be in agreement with, be right behind, buttress, carry, confirm, conserve, contribute, corroborate, crutch, defend, encourage, endorse, endure, espouse, favor, favour, further, give a hand, give a hand with, go along with, help, help with, hold, hold up, keep, keep up, lend a hand, lend a hand with, look after, maintain, nourish, preserve, promote, prop up, ratify, shore up, speak out for, speak up for, stand by, stand up for, stay, stomach, strengthen, substantiate, succour, suffer, sustain, tolerate, uphold, validate, verify, abide, absorb, accept, affirm, approve, approve of, authorize, back, back sth. up, back up, bear, bear out, be in agreement with, bolster, brook, carry, confirm, corroborate, defend, digest, endorse, endure, espouse, fend for, give one's approval, have on, hold, hold up, indorse, keep going, patronage, patronise, patronize, plump for, plunk for, prop, prop up, put up, put up with, sanction, second, shore, shore up, stand, stand by, stick out, stomach, subscribe, substantiate, suffer, sustain, take, take the stand, tolerate, underpin, uphold, wear, weather, acquiesce in, authorise, go along with

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