uphold lietuviškai

uphold vertimas v (upheld) 1) palaikyti; 2) laikytis (pažiūrų ir pan.)

Paaiškinimas anglų kalba
  • (keep) to keep or maintain in unaltered condition; to cause to remain or last
  • (defend) of causes, principles, or ideals, to stand up for; to stick up for Type of: defend
  • (confirm) to support against an opponent

uphold sinonimai affirm, bear out, bolster, confirm, corroborate, second, stand by, substantiate, support, take the stand, underpin, aid, assist, bear on, bear out, buoy, buttress, carry on, confirm, continue, corroborate, elevate, endorse, fight for, help, hold up, maintain, oppose, preserve, prop, prop up, ratify, recognize, recommend, shore, shore up, stay, strike a blow for, support, sustain, validate, verify, vindicate

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