maintain lietuviškai

maintain vertimas v 1) palaikyti, (pa)remti; 2) tvirtinti, teigti; 3) išlaikyti (šeimą)

Paaiškinimas anglų kalba
  • (stative verb) to keep in a certain state, position, or activity
  • (conserve) to keep in safety and protect from harm, decay, loss, or destruction
  • (sustain) to supply with necessities and support
  • (insist) to state categorically
  • (wield) to have and exercise
  • (maintain, use, service) to maintain for use and service
  • (record) to maintain by writing regular records
  • (affirm) to state or assert
  • (confirm) to support against an opponent
  • (observe) to stick to correctly or closely

maintain sinonimai accept, affirm, allege, argue, assert, asseverate, aver, carry on, claim, conserve, contend, continue, declare, defend, earmark, endure, exert, handle, hang on, have, hold, insist, keep, keep up, last, observe, perpetuate, persevere, persist, persist in, persist with, posit, preserve, profess, provide, put, retain, save, stand by, stick to, support, sustain, uphold, vindicate, wield, carry on, continue, endure, hold, keep up, last, proceed, sustain, hang on, assert, contend, insist, stand by, stand by one's opinion, stick to

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