live lietuviškai

live vertimas Iv gyventi; gyvuoti; egzistuoti; to live from hand to mouth vos sudurti galą su galu; live and learn žmogus gyveni ir mokais; to live to be old sulaukti senatvės; to live highplačiai gyventi; to live by gyventi iš (ko nors); to live by one's labour gyventi iš savo darbo; to live smth down gyventi užmiršus nuoskaudas; to live on gyventi (kuo) (maitinantis daržovėmis ir pan.); to live out/throughpergyventi; to live up to gyventi pagal (principus, įsitikinimus ir pan.) IIa 1) gyvas; 2) tikras, realus; aktualus (apie klausimą ir pan.); 3) energingas, karštas, gyvas; 4) veikiąs

  • live animal (n.) gyvas gyvūnas
  • live by one's wits gudrumu pelnytis duoną, suktis
  • live in discord (v.) kivirčytis, rietis
  • live it up (v.) išsikrauti, padaryti pramogą, pralinksminti, gerai praleisti laiką, linksmintis
  • live in conflict (v.) kivirčytis, rietis
  • live and let live (mokėti) sugyventi su žmonėmis
  • live down (v.) pergyventi, ištverti
  • live-in (adj.) gyvenantis susidëjæs
  • live poultry (n.) gyvi paukščiai
  • live together (v.) gyventi susidėjus, susimetus
  • live with (v.) tikėti, prisiimti, priimti, ryti
  • live on (v.) išsilaikyti, gyventi iš, maitintis, misti, verstis, išlaikyti, ištverti, išgyventi, gyventi, patirti
  • live up to one's reputation (v.) saugoti savo gerą vardą
  • long live (v.) valio!
  • live up to (v.) numalšinti, malšinti, įvykdyti, išpildyti, gyventi pagal, patenkinti, įtikti
Paaiškinimas anglų kalba
  • (populate) to inhabit or live in; to be an inhabitant of
  • (lead, certain kind) to lead a certain kind of life; to live in a certain style Followed by: exist
  • (continue, live, hardship) to continue to live through hardship or adversity
  • (exist) to support oneself
  • (have life, be) to have life, be alive
  • (experience) to have first-hand knowledge of states, situations, emotions, or sensations
  • (pursue, positive, satisfying) to pursue a positive and satisfying existence
  • (unfilmed) actually being performed at the time of hearing or viewing
  • (exerting force, containing) exerting force or containing energy Similar to: in play, living
  • (possessing life) possessing life
  • (reverberant) highly reverberant Similar to: reverberant
  • (loaded) charged with an explosive Similar to: loaded
  • (elastic) elastic; rebounds readily
  • (abounding, life, energy) abounding with life and energy Similar to: lively
  • (printing process) in current use or ready for use Topic: printing process. Similar to: current
  • (current relevance) of current relevance Similar to: current
  • (electricity) charged or energized with electricity
  • (active) capable of erupting
  • (adverb) not recorded

live sinonimai acute, alive, animated, bouncy, bucked, buoyant, cheerful, cheery, genial, gleeful, hot, in good spirits, in high spirits, lively, living, resilient, springy, unrecorded, bread and butter, breadwinning, keep, livelihood, living, support, sustenance, meal ticket, abide, be accommodated, be alive, breathe, cohabit, continue, dwell, earn a living, empathise, empathize, endure, enter into, exist, hang out, inhabit, live on, live together, lodge, lodge in, occupy, persist, prevail, remain, shack up, stay, subsist, survive, reside, be, be accommodated, be alive, eke, empathize, endure, enter into, exist, exist on, experience, get by on, go, hold out, hold up, inhabit, keep o.s. alive with, know, last, live on, live together, lodge, make both ends meet, make do with, make ends meet, manage on, people, populate, project one's mind, put o.s. in another position, put o.s. in s.o.'s shoes, put o.s. in the position of, reside, struggle along, subsist, subsist on, survive, sympathise, sympathize, take, understand, cohabit, dwell, empathise, shack up

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