defend lietuviškai

defend vertimas v 1) ginti; 2) saugoti

Paaiškinimas anglų kalba
  • (argue) to argue or speak in defense of
  • (prevent) to be on the defensive; to act against an attack Type of: prevent. Followed by: contend
  • (protect) to protect against a challenge or attack
  • (contend) to fight against or resist strongly
  • (back) to protect or fight for as a champion
  • (represent) to be the defense counsel for someone in a trial
  • (affirm) to state or assert

defend sinonimai assert, attend to, avert, back, bulwark, champion, cover, defend against, espouse, fend for, fight, fight back, fight down, fortify, garrison, guard, guard against, guard from, hold, insulate, justify, look after, maintain, man, offer protection, oppose, plead, preserve, protect, protect against, protect from, represent, safeguard, safeguard against, save, screen from, secure against, secure from, shield from, speak out for, speak up for, stand up for, stick up for, support, sustain, uphold, vindicate

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