restoration lietuviškai

restoration vertimas n restauracija; atstatymas

  • restoration of customs duties (n.) muitų taikymo atnaujinimas
  • Meiji Restoration Meidži restauracija
Paaiškinimas anglų kalba
  • (repair) the act of restoring something or someone to a satisfactory state
  • (acquisition) the act of getting of something back again
  • (improvement) the state of being restored to its former good condition
  • (artifact) some artifact that has been restored or reconstructed Type of: artifact
  • (model) a model that represents the landscape of a former geological age or that represents, extinct animal, and so on Type of: model
  • (historic period) the reign of Charles II in England; 1660-1685 Type of: historic period
  • (history) the re-establishment of the British monarchy in 1660 Topic: history. Type of: group action

restoration sinonimai amendment, correction, mend, recovery, refit, reformation, refurbishment, regaining, renewal, renovation, reparation, restitution, return

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