consideration lietuviškai

consideration vertimas n 1) apgalvojimas; 2) svarstymas; under consideration svarstomas; 3) nuomonė; 4) dėmesys; to take into consideration atsižvelgti; in consideration atsižvelgiant; on no consideration jokiu būdu

  • take into consideration () paisyti, skaitytis su, kreipti dėmesį į, numatyti, atsižvelgti, turėti omeny, imtis, leistis į, turėti galvoje, puoselėti, įsigilinti, įsileisti, kreipti dėmesį
  • under consideration (adj.) nagrinėjamas, tvarkomas
Paaiškinimas anglų kalba
  • (thinking) the process of giving careful thought to something Type of: thinking
  • (information) information that should be kept in mind when making a decision
  • (discussion) a discussion of a topic (as in a meeting) Type of: discussion
  • (considerateness) kind and considerate regard for others
  • (fee) a fee charged in advance to retain the services of someone
  • (benignity) a considerate and thoughtful act

consideration sinonimai affability, allowance, amenity, appreciation, appropriateness, attention, civility, cogitation, compassion, complaisance, compliance, compliancy, considerateness, considering, contemplation, deference, deliberation, esteem, estimation, factor, favor in return, favour in return, fee, forethought, gratuity, honour, indulgence, interest, kindliness, leniency, long-suffering, meditation, meditations, moment, motion, musing, musings, note, notion, obligingness, opinion, payment, politeness, pondering, quid pro quo, recompense, reflection, reflexion, regard, remuneration, respect, retainer, return, salary, significance, solicitude, tact, think, thoughtfulness, tip, tolerance, wage, kindness, thought

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