persist lietuviškai

persist vertimas v 1) užsispirti (in); 2) atsilaikyti; laikytis savo

  • persist with (v.) laikytis, tvyroti
  • persist in (v.) laikytis, tvyroti
Paaiškinimas anglų kalba
  • (run) to continue to exist
  • (uphold) to be persistent, refuse to stop
  • (remain) to stay behind

persist sinonimai abide, carry on, carry on with, continue, continue with, die hard, endure, go on, go on with, hang in, hold, hold on, keep .., keep on .., keep up, linger, maintain, persevere, persevere at, persevere in, persevere with, persist in, persist with, prevail, proceed, proceed with, pursue, remain, run, soldier on, stay, stick at, sustain, hang on, stay the course

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