continue lietuviškai

continue vertimas v tęsti(s), trukti

Paaiškinimas anglų kalba
  • (continue, certain state) to continue a certain state, condition, or activity
  • (talk) to continue talking
  • (maintain) to keep or maintain in unaltered condition; to cause to remain or last
  • (travel) to move ahead; to travel onward in time or space
  • (prolong) to allow to remain in a place or position, or maintain a property or feature
  • (do something repeatedly) to do something repeatedly and showing no intention to stop
  • (continue, interruption) to continue after an interruption Type of: act
  • (stay on) to continue in a place, position, or situation
  • (cover) to span an interval of distance, space or time
  • (change verb) to exist over a prolonged period of time Type of: be

continue sinonimai abide, adjourn, bear on, be left, be left over, carry on, carry on with, consolidate, continue with, cover, endure, extend, get about, get on, go along, go forward, go on, go on with, hold, keep, keep .., keep going, keep it up, keep on, keep on .., keep up, lengthen, maintain, perpetuate, persevere, persist, persist in, persist with, preserve, proceed, proceed with, prolong, pursue, range, remain, renew, resume, retain, stay, stay on, survive, sustain, uphold, carry on, endure, go on, hold, hold out, keep up, last, maintain, proceed, sustain, wear, hang on, extend, prolong, renew

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