arise lietuviškai

arise vertimas v (arose; arisen) 1) kilti, sukilti; 2) prasidėti; atsirasti; poet. prisikelti

  • arise from (v.) kilti, sklisti
  • Arise, O Compatriots Nigerijos himnas
  • O Arise, All You Sons Papua Naujosios Gvinėjos himnas
  • arise (v.) atsirasti, pasirodyti, atsitikti, iškilti, pasitaikyti, išdygti, atsikelti, kilti, atsistoti, piestu stoti prieš, maištauti, sukilti, dygti
Paaiškinimas anglų kalba
  • (originate) to come into existence; to take on form or shape
  • (bob up) to originate or come into being
  • (change posture) to rise to one's feet
  • (happen) to result or issue
  • (travel) to move upward
  • (protest) to take part in a rebellion; to renounce a former allegiance
  • (turn out) to get up and out of bed

arise sinonimai ascend, begin, be realized, be up, be up in arms, bob up, breed, bring about, bring on, cause, climb, come up, crop up, develop, emanate, ensue, entail, get out of bed, get up, go up, grow, imply, involve, issue, lift, materialize, move up, occur, originate, pop, pop up, proceed, provoke, raise, rear up, rebel, result, resurrect, rise, rise again, rise from the dead, rise from the grave, rise up, spring up, stand, stand up, stir, take place, to kick over the traces, turn out, turn up, upraise, uprise, wake up, befall, get up, stand up, rise

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