cast lietuviškai

cast vertimas 1. v (cast) 1) mesti, mėtyti, sviesti; cast a glance pažvelgti; 2) keisti (kailį); 3) tech. nulieti (iš metalo); 4) paskirstyti (vaidmenis); to cast lots mesti burtus; to cast a vote for balsuoti už; to cast anchor mesti inkarą; to cast away (nu)mesti (į šalį); išmesti; to cast downnuliūdinti; to cast off a) išmesti; b) nuimti grandines, atrišti; to cast up suskaičiuoti; 2. n 1) mėtymas; 2) metimas; 3) veikiantieji asmenys(pvz., pjesėje); 4) liejinio forma; 5) gipsas; 6) tipas(proto, charakterio); to be at the last cast būti sunkioje padėtyje

  • cast aside (v.) išmesti, atmesti, atsikratyti, nusimesti, atsisakyti
  • cast anchor (v.) statyti nuleidus inkarą, nuleisti inkarą, prilaikyti
  • cast away (v.) išmesti, atmesti, atsikratyti, nusimesti, atsisakyti, patirti laivo katastrofą
  • Cast Away Prarastasis
  • cast doubts on (v.) klausti, paklausti, pasiteirauti, abejoti, suabejoti, versti abejoti, laikyti abejotinu
  • cast a quick glance at (v.) pažiūrėti, žiūrėti
  • cast a spell on (v.) sužavėti, užvaldyti, patraukti, pakerėti, žavėti, traukti, sudominti, intriguoti
  • cast aspersions on (v.) šmeižti, sutepti gerą vardą, apjuodinti
  • cast off (v.) baigti, metimas, mesti, keisti
  • cast off () atrišti, išmesti, atmesti, atsikratyti, nusimesti, atsisakyti
  • cast adrift (v.) palikti bėdoje, nelaimėje
  • cast down (v.) demoralizuoti, liūdinti, slėgti
  • cast iron (n.) ketus
  • cast-iron (adj.) ketaus, geležinis, ketus
  • cast-iron () baigti
  • cast-iron (n.) ketus
  • Cast iron Ketus
  • cast on (v.) užmesti
  • cast out (v.) pašalinti, išmesti, atmesti, atsikratyti, nusimesti, atsisakyti, išvyti, ištremti
  • the die is cast () burtai mesti
  • votes cast (n.) galiojantys balsai
  • cast lots (v.) traukti burtus, paleisti į loteriją
Paaiškinimas anglų kalba
  • (gathering) the actors in a play
  • (container) container into which liquid is poured to create a given shape when it hardens
  • (solid) the distinctive form in which a thing is made
  • (appearance) the visual appearance of something or someone
  • (bandage) bandage consisting of a firm covering (often made of plaster of Paris) that immobilizes broken bones while they heal
  • (copy) object formed by a mold
  • (craps) the act of throwing dice
  • (sportfishing) the act of throwing a fishing line out over the water by means of a rod and reel
  • (violent throw) a violent throw
  • (send) to put or send forth
  • (give) to deposit or indicate, as a vote or ballot Type of: give
  • (performing arts) to select to play, sing, or dance a part in a play, movie, musical, opera, or ballet Topic: performing arts. Type of: delegate. Followed by: film, perform, stage
  • (hurtle) to throw forcefully
  • (social verb) to assign the roles of (a movie or a play) to actors Type of: delegate
  • (travel) to move about aimlessly or without any destination, often in search of food or employment
  • (work) to form by pouring (for example, wax or hot metal) into a cast or mold
  • (remove) to get rid of
  • (draw) to choose at random
  • (give voice) to formulate in a particular style or language
  • (excrete) to eject the contents of the stomach through the mouth

cast sinonimai body waste, casting, excrement, excreta, excretion, excretory product, excrements, stool, acknowledgements, actors, appearance, casting, cast of characters, clay sculpture, complexion, credits, credit titles, demeanour, dramatis personae, form, hurl, lob, mien, modeling, modelling, mold, mould, moulding, pitch, plaster bandage, plaster cast, plaster-cast, players, roll, semblance, shape, stamp, style, throw, thrust, tin, tinge, molding, plaster, bung, chuck, fathom, fling, heave, hurl, launch, model, mold, mould, pitch, sling, sound, throve, throw, toss, be sick, bring up, cast off, cat, chuck, contrive, couch, disgorge, draw, drift, drop, express, frame, fuse, fuse together, go astray, honk, hurl, hurtle, kick around, melt, pitch, project, purge, put, ramble, range, redact, regorge, regurgitate, retch, roam, roam around, roll, shake off, shed, sick, smelt, spue, stray, stray off, swan, throve, throw, throw away, throw off, throw up, toss, tramp, upchuck, vagabond, vomit, vomit up, wander, wander around, wander away, barf, kick about, mold, mould, puke, roam about, rove, spew, spew up, wander about, credits

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