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fit vertimas In 1) priepuolis; 2) isterika; by fits and starts kartkartėmis, su pertraukomis(dirbti); 3) nuotaika; kaprizas; to throw a fit šnek. pulti į isteriką II 1. a 1) prideramas, (ati) tinkamas; 2) pasirengęs; 3) sveikas;2. v 1) tikti; this dress fits you perfectly ši suknelė jums labai tinka; 2) pritaikyti; have you got the key to fit this lock? ar turite raktą šiai spynai? to fit in/into a) tikti; b) įstatyti, priderinti; to fit on primatuoti; to fit out/up tiekti, aprūpinti;3. n tikimas, gulėjimas (apie drabužį); this suit is not a good fit for him šis kostiumas blogai guli

  • throw a fit (v.) įsiusti, netekti kantrybės, įsikarščiuoti, nesusivaldyti, užvirti pykčiu, prarasti savitvardą, pasiusti
  • fit like a glove () labai tikti, būti kaip tik, puikiai tikti, labai gerai tikti
  • fit of laughter (n.) juokimasis iš viso pilvo, kvatojimas, žvengimas
  • keep-fit (n.) gimnastikos, kasdienė mankšta
  • fit to a T (v.) tikti
  • have a fit (v.) įsiusti, netekti kantrybės, įsikarščiuoti, nesusivaldyti, užvirti pykčiu, prarasti savitvardą, pasiusti
  • fit out (v.) aprengti, įrengti, pritaisyti
  • see fit (v.) laikyti reikalinga, ploti
  • think fit (v.) laikyti reikalinga, ploti
  • fit in with (v.) sugyventi, sutarti
  • fit in (v.) atitikti, derėti, derinti
  • fit in () sugyventi, sutarti
  • fit well (v.) tikti
Paaiškinimas anglų kalba
  • (bad temper) a display of bad temper
  • (attack) a sudden uncontrollable attack
  • (manner) the manner in which something fits Type of: manner
  • (activity) a sudden flurry of activity (often for no obvious reason)
  • (suit) to be agreeable or acceptable to
  • (blend in) to be the right size or shape; to fit correctly or as desired
  • (satisfy, condition, restriction) to satisfy a condition or restriction
  • (shape) to make fit Type of: shape
  • (adapt) to insert or adjust several objects or people Type of: adapt
  • (equal) to be compatible, similar or consistent; to coincide in their characteristics
  • (conform, shape, size) to conform to some shape or size Type of: be
  • (supply) to provide with (something) usually for a specific purpose
  • (adjust) to make correspond or harmonize
  • (meeting adequate standards) meeting adequate standards for a purpose Similar to: acceptable, suitable, worthy
  • (ready) on the point of or strongly disposed
  • (physically, mentally sound) physically and mentally sound or healthy Similar to: able-bodied, conditioned

fit sinonimai apposite, appropriate, apt, as it should be, fitting, healthful, in training, pertinent, primed, proper, right, set, sound, suitable, apoplexy, attack, blaze of anger, burst, burst of anger, cerebral haemorrhage, cerebrovascular accident, conniption, convulsion, cut, CVA, fit of anger, impulse, outburst of rage, paroxysm, scene, seizure, spasm, spell, spurt, stroke, tantrum, whim, accommodate, agree, become, check, conform to, correspond, equip, fit out, fit to a T, fit well, gibe, go, jibe, kit out, match, meet, outfit, suit, tally, tie in/up, rig out, adapt, adjust, adjust to, assemble, be appropriate for, be fit for, be good for, be suitable for, be suitable to, be suited for, be suited to be, build, edit, fix, make fit, make suit, make suitable, make suitable for, make suitable to, mount, put together, set up, suit, tailor to

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