moving lietuviškai

moving vertimas a 1) judąs; moving pictures movies; moving staircase eskalatorius; 2) jaudinąs

  • get moving (v.) pasiskubinti, imti ir daryti
  • begin to move (v.) pajudėti
  • moving picture (n.) kinas, filmas
  • moving ridge (n.) banga
  • moving in (n.) užėmimas
  • opening move (n.) iniciatyva
  • move in (v.) atsikelti, atsikraustyti
  • move down (v.) pažeminti
  • move along nestoviniuoti
  • move nearer (n.) prisitraukti, pritraukti
  • moving walkway (n.) konvejerio juosta
  • move off (v.) pajudėti
  • make a move pajudėti
  • make a move () judinti, krutinti, judėti, krutėti, pajudėti, pasukti
  • moving-picture show (n.) kinas, filmas
  • move forward (v.) daryti pažangą, judėti pirmyn, žengti į priekį, sektis, stumtis pirmyn, stumtis į priekį, judėti į priekį, keliauti, gerėti
  • move over (v.) praleisti
  • on the move () judantis, kelionėje, besiplėtojantis
  • move on (v.) judėti į priekį, keliauti
  • move up (v.) praleisti, kilti
  • move up () pasitraukti
  • move aside (v.) praleisti
  • moving staircase (n.) eskalatorius
  • get a move on (v.) skubėti, pasiskubinti, prakiurdyti, paskubėti, paskubinti, nerti, smukti, skuosti, rūkti, lėkti, spausti, mauti
  • move house (v.) išsikraustyti, išsikelti
  • move house () kraustytis
  • move heaven and earth () viską išmėginti
  • moving stairway (n.) eskalatorius
  • forward-moving (adj.) besiplėtojantis
  • move into (v.) įeiti
Paaiškinimas anglų kalba
  • (change location) to change location; to move, travel, or proceed; also used figuratively
  • (cause, move, shift) to cause to move or shift into a new position or place, both in a concrete and in an abstract sense
  • (move so, change) to move so as to change position, perform a nontranslational motion Follows: bear, exercise, push, transplant. Caused by: mobilize, take out
  • (settle) to change residence, affiliation, or place of employment Follows: settle. Caused by: evacuate
  • (proceed) to follow a procedure or take a course
  • (be active) to be in a state of action
  • (alter) to go or proceed from one point to another Type of: change
  • (perform, action, work) to perform an action, or work out or perform (an action)
  • (feel) to have an emotional or cognitive impact upon
  • (cause) to give an incentive for action
  • (arouse sympathy, compassion) to arouse sympathy or compassion in Type of: affect. Similar to: motivate
  • (sell) to dispose of by selling Type of: sell
  • (run) to progress by being changed
  • (live) to live one's life in a specified environment Type of: live
  • (check) to have a turn; to make one's move in a game
  • (propose) of a debate or parliamentary meeting, to propose formally
  • (motion) in motion Similar to: aflare, afoot, ahorseback, automotive, awheel, blown, fast-flying, kinetic, mobile,...
  • (arousing, capable, arousing) arousing or capable of arousing deep emotion Similar to: affecting, haunting, heartwarming, soul-stirring
  • (animated) used of a series of photographs presented so as to create the illusion of motion Similar to: animated

moving sinonimai affecting, dynamic, emotional, in motion, inspiring, mobile, motivating, on the move, pathetic, poignant, propelling, stirring, touching

move sinonimai drive, lead, motility, motion, movement, relocation, removal, stab, transfer, maneuver, manoeuvre, act, actuate, affect, agitate, be active, be moved, be touched, budge, carry, change, convey, displace, disturb, drive, drive on, excite, freight, go, go along, hang elsewhere, impress, incite, influence, leave, locomote, make a motion, mollify, motivate, move house, move on, proceed, prompt, propel, propose, recommend, rehang, remove, rouse, run, shunt, soften, stir, strike, submit, suggest, take, touch, transport, travel, turn, walk, budge, move on, move out, stir, advance, march, move house, move up, budge, displace, rehang, shunt, stir

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