stirring lietuviškai

stirring vertimas a jaudinantis

  • stir-fry (v.) pakepinti riebaluose
  • stir fry (v.) pakepinti riebaluose
  • stir up (v.) sukelti, sukurstyti, kurstyti, uždegti, sužadinti
  • soul-stirring (adj.) jaudinantis
Paaiškinimas anglų kalba
  • (agitation) agitating a liquid with an implement Type of: agitation
  • (arousal) arousing to a particular emotion or action
  • (displace) to move an implement through Type of: move
  • (shift) to move very slightly
  • (sensitize) to stir feelings in
  • (elicit) to stir the feelings, emotions, or peace of
  • (affect) to affect emotionally
  • (make) to summon into action or bring into existence, often as if by magic
  • (begin moving) to begin moving
  • (work) to mix or add by stirring Type of: work
  • (stimulating) capable of arousing enthusiasm or excitement
  • (moving) exciting strong but not unpleasant emotions

stir sinonimai ado, agitation, bustle, bustling, commotion, disorder, disquietude, disturbance, excitation, excitement, ferment, fermentation, fervor, fervour, flurry, flutter, fuss, hustle, inflammation, jostling, perturbation, pushing, splash, thrill, tumult, turmoil, unrest, uproar, kerfuffle, affect, agitate, arise, arouse, ask for, awaken, beat, be up, blend, bring up, budge, call down, call forth, churn, conjure, conjure up, disturb, egg on, evoke, excite, foment, get out of bed, get up, give cause for, give rise to, goad, incite, instigate, invoke, make a move, mingle, mix, mix in, mix together, mix up, move, prod, put forward, put up, raise, rouse, shake, shake up, shift, shuffle, stimulate, stir in, stir up, touch, wake up, whip up, occasion, budge, move, budge, move, stir in, stir up

stirring sinonimai animating, dramatic, eventful, exciting, motion, moving, rousing, soul-stirring, stimulating, thrilling, inspiration

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