emotional lietuviškai

emotional vertimas a emocionalus

  • emotional condition (n.) dvasia
  • Emotional intelligence Emocinis intelektas
  • Emotional dysregulation Emocinis nestabilumas
  • emotional state (n.) dvasia
Paaiškinimas anglų kalba
  • (determined, actuated, emotion) determined or actuated by emotion rather than reason
  • (more, usual emotion) of more than usual emotion Similar to: affectional, bathetic, cathartic, funky, het up, hot-blooded, little, lyrical,...
  • (pertaining adjective) of or pertaining to emotion
  • (agitated) of persons, excessively affected by emotion

emotional sinonimai ardent, aroused, demonstrative, ecstatic, emotive, enthusiastic, excitable, excited, fervent, fiery, gushing, hysterical, impassioned, impulsive, loving, moving, passionate, sensitive, slushy, soppy, spontaneous, syrupy, thrilling, touching, worked up, zealous

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