touch lietuviškai

touch vertimas 1. v 1) (pa)liesti; (pa)lytėti; to touch one's hat to sveikintis nuimant skrybėlę; 2) jaudinti; 3) šnek. gauti, įgyti (pinigų; dažnai apgaule); to touch at įplaukti (į uostą); to touch down nutūpti, paliesti žemę; to touch off a) padaryti škicą; b) atskambinti (telefonu); c) iššauti (iš patrankų); to touch on trumpai paliesti (pvz., temą, klausimą); to touch up pataisyti (piešinį ir pan.); to touch bottom a) pasiekti dugną; b)perk. nusmukti; to touch to the quick paliesti jautrią vietą; to touch the spot pataikyti į taikinį;2. n 1) lietimas; lytėjimas; 2) susilietimas; sąlytis; 3) brūkšnys, pabraukimas; to keep in touch with palaikyti santykius, ryšį; touch-and- go kritiška padėtis;touch -down n av. nutūpimas, nusileidimas; to make a touch-down nutūpti

Paaiškinimas anglų kalba
  • (impinging) the event of something coming in contact with the body
  • (exteroception) the faculty by which external objects or forces are perceived through contact with the body (especially the hands)
  • (suggestion) a suggestion of some quality
  • (manner) a distinguishing style
  • (human activity) the act of putting 2 things together with no space between them
  • (small indefinite quantity) a slight but appreciable amount
  • (communication) a communicative interaction
  • (attack) a slight attack of illness
  • (solicitation) the act of soliciting money (as a gift or loan) Type of: solicitation
  • (perception) the sensation produced by pressure receptors in the skin
  • (adeptness) deftness in handling matters Type of: adeptness
  • (tactile property) the feel of mechanical action Type of: tactile property
  • (make physical contact) to make physical contact with, come in contact with Follows: feel, paw, rub
  • (perceive) to perceive via the tactile sense Type of: perceive. Follows: feel
  • (impress) to affect emotionally
  • (be relevant to) to be relevant to
  • (converge) to be in direct physical contact with; to make contact
  • (impact) to have an effect upon
  • (manage) to deal with; usually used with a form of negation Type of: manage
  • (cause, be, brief) to cause to be in brief contact with
  • (be) to extend as far as
  • (compete) to be equal to in quality or ability
  • (disturb) to tamper with
  • (suggest) to make a more or less disguised reference to
  • (color in) to color lightly
  • (understand) to know and comprehend the nature or meaning of
  • (consume) to serve oneself to, or consume regularly

touch sinonimai retouching, touch line, sideline, touchline, brand, brushing, contact, cutaneous senses, feeling, ghost, hint, jot, mite, physical contact, pinch, sense of touch, signature, skin senses, soupcon, speck, spot, tactile sensation, tactual sensation, tinge, touching, touch modality, touch sensation, trace, abut, adjoin, advert, affect, allude, attain, bear on, bear upon, be moved, be touched, border, caress, come to, concern, contact, dab, dab at, disturb, equal, extend to, feel, finger, handle, have-to doe with, horrify, impact, impress, match, meet, mollify, move, palpate, partake, pertain, pertain to, press, reach, refer, relate, rival, shake, shake up, shock, soften, stir, strike, tamper, tinct, tinge, tint, tone, touch on, unsettle, contact, dab, dab at, brush, graze, just touch, knap, knock, press, rap, wallop

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