settle lietuviškai

settle vertimas v 1) į(si)kurti, su(si)tvarkyti, apsigyventi; 2) prieiti išvadą, nutarti, nuspręsti; 3) kolonizuoti; 4) apmokėti (sąskaitą); 5) nusistovėti, nurimti; to settle down to imtis ko; to settle up atsiskaityti, baigti pinigines sąskaitas

  • settle old scores suvesti sąskaitas
  • settle in (v.) aklimatizuotis, apsiprasti
  • settle up () atsiskaityti, apmokėti, sutvarkyti, užsimokėti
  • settle down (v.) imtis, aklimatizuotis, apsiprasti, apnikti, įsigalėti, apsigyventi, įsišaknyti, nusiraminti, susitvardyti, nurimti, nuraminti, nusėsti, imti įprasti
  • settle on () susitarti, sutikti, pritarti, sutapti, sutikti su kuo nors
Paaiškinimas anglų kalba
  • (bench) a long wooden bench with a back
  • (settle, position, usually) to settle into a position, usually on a surface or ground
  • (decide) to bring to an end; to settle conclusively
  • (conclude) to settle conclusively; to come to terms
  • (locate) to take up residence and become established
  • (reconcile) to come to terms
  • (come down) to go under
  • (stabilize) to become settled or established and stable in one's residence or life style
  • (become) to become resolved, fixed, established, or quiet Type of: become
  • (build up) to establish or develop as a residence Type of: build up
  • (stop) to come to rest Type of: stop
  • (set up) to arrange or fix in the desired order Type of: arrange
  • (accept) to accept despite lack of complete satisfaction Type of: accept
  • (end, legal dispute) to end a legal dispute by arriving at a settlement Type of: agree
  • (fix up) to dispose of; to make a financial settlement Type of: arrange
  • (change) to become clear by the sinking of particles Type of: change
  • (cause, become clear) to cause to become clear by forming a sediment (of liquids) Type of: sink
  • (subside) to sink down or precipitate
  • (ensconce) to fix firmly
  • (contend) to get one's revenge for a wrong or an injury
  • (finalize) to make final; to put the last touches on; to put into final form
  • (form, community) to form a community Followed by: transmigrate
  • (come) to come as if by falling

settle sinonimai settee, adjudicate, agree, appease, appoint, arrange, assuage, atone, be precipitated, check, colonise, colonize, come to terms, compensate, complete, compose, conciliate, conclude, confirm, decide, decline, define, descend, determine, dispose, dwell, ensconce, ensconce o.s., enshrine, establish, fall, finalise, finalize, fix, fold up, get back, go down, go under, guess, hang askew, inhabit, install o.s., judge, lay down, liquidate, live, locate, lodge, make up, nail down, pacify, patch up, pay, pay off, pioneer, prove, put down roots, put right, put through, reconcile, repay, repose, reside, resolve, rest, root, sag, set in, settle down, settle up, shake down, sink, sink down, solve, soothe, square, square off, square up, squat, steady down, subside, take root, take up residence, talk out, touch down, tranquillise, umpire, untangle, verify, wind up, checker, chequer, sink, arrange, carry out, conclude, define, determine, enshrine, follow out, follow through, follow up, go through, implement, limit, make up, put right, put through, reconcile, set, specify, atone, fix

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