offering lietuviškai

offering vertimas n 1) auka; dovana; 2) pasiūlymas

  • peace offering (n.) alyvmedžio šakelė
  • peace-offering (n.) susitaikymo ženklas
  • make an offer (v.) siūlyti kainą, duoti paraišką
  • burnt offering (n.) aukojimas, auka
  • Initial public offering Pirminis viešas siūlymas
  • marriage offer (n.) rankos prašymas, pasipiršimas
  • special offer (n.) sėkmingas, pigus pirkinys, sandoris
  • offer price (n.) pasiūlos kaina
  • offer for sale (v.) paversti pelno šaltiniu
  • on offer parduodamas
Paaiškinimas anglų kalba
  • (message) something offered (as a proposal or bid)
  • (contribution) money contributed to a religious organization Type of: contribution
  • (speech act) the verbal act of offering
  • (giving) the act of contributing to the funds of a church or charity
  • (make available, accessible) to make available or accessible, provide or furnish Type of: supply
  • (proffer) to present for acceptance or rejection
  • (act) to agree freely
  • (project) to put forward for consideration Type of: project
  • (pay) to offer verbally
  • (market) to make available for sale Type of: market
  • (auction sale) to propose a payment
  • (produce) to produce or introduce on the stage Type of: produce
  • (worship) to present as an act of worship
  • (engage) to mount or put up
  • (make available) to make available
  • (request) to ask (someone) to marry you
  • (threaten) to threaten to do something Type of: threaten

offering sinonimai advance, alms, benefaction, bestowal, bid, bounty, charity, collection, contribution, donation, endowment, exhibit, gift, giving, grant, gratuity, martyr, oblation, offer, offertory, performance, present, proposal, proposition, sacrifice, submission, sufferer, suggestion, victim, largess, largesse

offer sinonimai auction, bid, tender, bid, crack, fling, go, offering, pass, whirl, bestow, display, donate, exhibit, expose, extend, give, hang, immolate, make a bid, make an offer, offer up, proffer, propose, propound, put forward, put up, sacrifice, submit, suggest, bid, declare oneself, donate, extend, give, make a bid, make an offer, offer up, pop the question, propose, put through, put up, tender, volunteer, proffer

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