tender lietuviškai

tender vertimas In 1) slaugytojas, -a; 2) tenderis (jūr., glžk.) IIa 1) švelnus, jautrus; 2) silpnas (apie sveikatą); 3) (pvz., apie mėsą) minkštas; 4) švelnus, meilus; opus, delikatus, keblus (klausimas, tema) III1. v 1) siūlyti (pinigus, paslaugas); 2) nusiųsti, pateikti (pasiūlymą, paraišką);2. n pasiūlymas, paraiška; to tender one's resignationprašyti atleisti iš tarnybos, atsistatydinti

  • invitation to tender (n.) paraiškų konkurso paskelbimas
  • tender-heartedness (n.) švelnumas, širdingumas
  • tender-hearted (adj.) minkštas, minkštaširdis, jautriai reaguojantis
  • Destroyer tender Eskadrinių minininkų tenderis
  • Submarine tender Povandeninių laivų tenderis
Paaiškinimas anglų kalba
  • (medium of exchange) something that can be used as an official medium of payment
  • (assistant) someone who waits on, tends to, or attends to the needs of another
  • (offering) a formal proposal to buy at a specified price
  • (railroad car) car attached to a locomotive to carry fuel and water Type of: railroad car
  • (ship's boat) a boat for communication between ship and shore
  • (ship) ship that usually provides supplies to other ships
  • (give) to offer or present for acceptance Type of: give
  • (auction sale) to propose a payment
  • (law) in legal settlements, to make a tender of Topic: law. Type of: proffer
  • (change) to make tender or more tender as by marinating, pounding, or applying a tenderizer
  • (given, sympathy, gentleness) given to sympathy, gentleness, or sentimentality Similar to: protective, sentimental
  • (young) young and immature Similar to: young
  • (loving) having or displaying warmth or affection
  • (easy, cut, chew) easy to cut or chew Similar to: chewable, crispy, flaky, tenderized
  • (soft) physically untoughened
  • (unstable) of boats, inclined to heel over easily under sail
  • (plant life) of plants, not hardy; easily killed by adverse growing condition Topic: plant life. Similar to: delicate
  • (painful) causing physical or psychological pain

tender sinonimai acute, affectionate, chary, compassionate, considerate, crank, cranky, delicate, feeble, feeling, fond, fragile, frail, gentle, immature, kind, lovesome, loving, mellow, merciful, painful, pitiful, raw, sensitive, soft, sore, sympathetic, tenderhearted, ticklish, tippy, touchy, untoughened, warm, weak, young, youthful, attendant, attender, auction, bid, cutter, legal tender, offer, pinnace, ship's boat, stamp, supply ship, bid, make a bid, make an offer, offer, tenderise, tenderize

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