innocent lietuviškai

innocent vertimas 1. a 1) nekaltas; 2) nežalingas; 3) naivus; 2. n 1) nekaltas žmogus; 2) naivuolis

  • Pope Innocent III Inocentas III
  • Pope Innocent IV Inocentas IV
  • Pope Innocent IX Inocentas IX
  • Pope Innocent Popiežius Inocentas
  • Pope Innocent II Inocentas II
  • Pope Innocent X Inocentas X
  • Pope Innocent XI Inocentas XI
  • Pope Innocent XII Inocentas XII
  • Pope Innocent XIII Inocentas XIII
Paaiškinimas anglų kalba
  • (person) a person who lacks knowledge of evil
  • (guiltless) free from evil or guilt
  • (harmless) lacking intent or capacity to injure
  • (virtuous) free from sin
  • (naïve) lacking in sophistication or worldliness
  • (uninformed) not knowledgeable about something specified
  • (non-existent) completely wanting or lacking
  • (unconscious) of things, lacking sense or awareness Similar to: unconscious

innocent sinonimai artless, barren, blameless, chaste, clean-handed, clear, destitute, devoid, faultless, free, guileless, guiltless, gullible, harmless, honest, immaculate, impeccant, ingenuous, innocuous, inoffensive, irreproachable, jejune, naive, naïve, natural, pure, safe, simple, sinless, spotless, unacquainted, unaffected, uncomplicated, uncultivated, uncultured, unoffending, unsophisticated, unsullied, unsuspicious, untainted, unworldly, virginal, inexperienced person, naïve

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