ready lietuviškai

ready vertimas a 1) gatavas, pagamintas, paruoštas; to get readypasiruošti; to make ready paruošti; 2) pasiruošęs; linkęs; guvus; ready money (t. p. the ready)grynieji (pinigai); to have a ready answer for any question turėti šmaikštų liežuvį;to have a ready wit turėti gerą nuovoką, būti sumaniam

  • ready-made (adj.) gatavas
  • ready-made () iš anksto nustatytas, žinomas, be kompromisų
  • ready-to-wear (adj.) gatavas
  • ready for use (adj.) veikiantis
  • keep ready (v.) būti pasirengusiam
  • ready money (n.) gryni pinigai, grynieji
  • ready to hand (adj.) tinkamas, naudingas, po ranka, patogus
  • ready to hand (adv.) po ranka, ranka pasiekiamas
  • get ready (v.) daryti, sudaryti, pasiruošti, siruošti, ruošti, paruošti, padaryti
  • ready cash (n.) grynieji, gryni pinigai
  • rough-and-ready (adj.) paskubomis parengtas, šiurkštokas, paprastas
  • ready to help (adj.) atviras, paslaugus
Paaiškinimas anglų kalba
  • (readiness) poised for action Type of: readiness
  • (create from raw material) to prepare for eating by applying heat
  • (change) to make ready or suitable, or equip in advance for a particular purpose or for some use, event, and so on
  • (in order) completely prepared, or in condition for immediate action, use, or progress
  • (available) especially of money, immediately available Similar to: available
  • (willing) mentally disposed Similar to: willing
  • (prepared) made suitable and available for immediate use Similar to: prepared
  • (intelligent) apprehending and responding with speed and sensitivity

ready sinonimai about, just, adroit, agreeable, all set, all set to, arranged, clever, completed, disposed, done, eager, facile, finished, inclined, in readiness, keen, prepared, primed, quick, sharp, willing, cash, in cash, cook, fix, gear up, get ready, make, make provision for, prepare, set, set up

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